Every week we tell the stories behind the grainy pictures.

And in the process, I see the sweetness often hidden in a week that felt hectic and anything BUT sweet.

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This child.

For YEARS I’ve had fresh flowers on my coffee table.  It’s kind of my thing.  If I ever don’t have flowers there, I feel out of sorts.  Depending on the season, they are clipped from my garden, otherwise they come from the $3 bunches at the grocery store.

None of my kids have ever messed with them.  Even Porkchop hasn’t ever bothered the flowers.  Until this week.  When he apparently decided to play He Loves Me Not with my roses.

And then proudly offered a naked stump on a stem as a gift.  “SEEEEEEE?!”

If it weren’t for that baby tum tum, that goofy grin, and the cutest pair of itty bitty rain boots you ever did see, I’d have killed him.


The girls don’t often play together directly.  Side by side, yes.  But not typically TOGETHER.

Last weekend, Lu helped her sister get into a princess dress and then applied glitter eye shadow and heaping gobs of lip gloss on her.

Both girls were quite pleased with themselves.


I’ve decided that someone needs to invent an app.

When you, or someone you love, launches the app, a large defensive linebacker will come running from around the corner…barreling straight at you (or the person you love), and tackle your stupid self to the ground.

So, that for example, the next time I tweet or Facebook or text you, or IN ANY WAY IMPLY that I’m going to the library, you can launch the app and stop me from my own idiocy.

Because even with a DRIVE THRU DROP OFF and the due dates SCRAWLED IN MY CALENDAR, I still returned this stack of books two days late.  The fees to be added to the other fees I already had from my last late visit three years ago that they let me not pay, and yet check out another stack of books.  Sneaky librarians.

I am not responsible enough to be issued a library card.  They need background checks before they go handing those things out.  Or a three day “cooling off” rule before you can take the books home.  “Do you really want these???  ARE YOU SURE?”

For real.


“Jeannett!  Come down!  Quick!”

I come bounding down the stairs to find this scene.

The chi chis are good cuddlers, but typically, Lu and Hen have to chase them around a bit to catch them first.  In this case, Hattie let Jill crawl right up to her and sat patiently while she gave her some bed headed love.

The joy in my girl’s face for having “caught” the chicken and getting to love on it was priceless.

Also, her crazy hair.  Every.  Morning.

Or as Andy likes to say “I like that look, Jill.  Keep that going when you’re 15.”


Lucy is BIG into tea parties and picnics.

It’s darling, but she’s not so big into hauling the millions of pieces necessary for said picnic back to her room.

But hey, they were playing.  Together.  I’ll take it.


Forget the library.  Amazon Prime will you marry me?  If I’m gonna pay for the books, I might as well get to keep them.

On Instagram, I lamented these books.  Based on the cartoony cover, I thought these would be short (yet accurate) children’s books that Henry could read on his own.  They aren’t.  They are like 90+ pages each and not at all what I was expecting.  So I was bummed.  (And no, I didn’t click the “Look Inside!” feature on Amazon that would have solved this problem.)


I TAKE IT ALL BACK.  They are really well written, in a great story-esque fashion and super interesting (and detailed!) biographies of famous characters.  I’ve been reading aloud the Abraham Lincoln one to Henry, and it’s fantastic.  It’s an entire series, with some really fun subjects like Walt Disney, Amelia Earhart, and even Dr. Seuss and Bill Gates.

Plus, with many of the titles costing just over $2 each, these are fantastic.  HIGHLY recommend them.  Plus, I’m learning a heck of a lot too.

Totally gonna tack one of these on to every Amazon order we place.  Which is a lot.  Our collection should be complete in short order.


Speaking of Disney…I miss it.

But we said we wanted to give our passes a break until the Fall.

That’s soon, right?

Also, baby toes in the background.  Sigh.

Every Thursday, Andy leaves super early to go to a men’s Bible study type of thing before work.

Every Thursday, the kids wake up bummed that he’s gone before they can say hi.

This Thursday, I decided to surprise them with an early morning walk to Panera (it’s literally a block away), and let them pick out a breakfast treat.

Don’t get used to it kids.  I’m only the Fun Mom once a year.  Maybe twice if I’m feeling saucy.


Most days I’m pretty neutral in my feelings towards homeschooling.

Some days, I downright hate it and wonder where my sanity went.  I could get so much more done if he was gone five days a week!!!!

But some days, I couldn’t love it more if I tried.  Like this day when the morning sun was warm and his assignment was to draw a bird in its natural habitat (they are learning about John Audubon).  So he sketched from the trampoline, and held up five different shades of blue against the sky to make sure he got just the right one.

And this was right after our trip to Panera.  It was kinda idyllic.  Which means next week will be BRUTAL.  Because that is the way of the world.


I mentioned on my Facebook page that I wanted to be a baby cuddler at the NICU.

My availability isn’t the best (evenings and weekends), but still it’s better than zero availability, right?  They may not call me back, but I tried.

And I was oddly nervous turning in the application.  Like, really nervous.  A LOT nervous.

Also, I marveled, mouth open as I walked into the hospital.  I had never walked in from the front doors and into the main lobby.  I usually show up through the big glass doors that require special codes punched in where the ambulance pulls up.  It’s really a pretty hospital.  I had no idea.


Y’all ever heard of this?

I got these for free from my pediatricians office.  Even if you can’t find these specific stickers, it’s not a bad idea to maybe make your own little cards and tape them to each car seat.  Because it isn’t uncommon for parents/adults to be injured in a crash and young children be mostly fine. IMG_7346
And in honor of Throwback Thursday, I present to you a bitty Henry from Summer 2008.

He even tanned great when he was a baby.  Punk.


life rearranged


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  1. 1

    Your pics always make me smile! You’d be soooo good at holding those sweet babies!! Hoping you get a call sooooon.
    Susan´s last blog post ..This + That {March}

  2. 2

    My kids have quite a few of those books and loved reading them!
    Karri´s last blog post ..the truth about those DIY mugs

  3. 3

    Our library doesn’t let you pay the fees in person, you have to pay on their site. It is so annoying. But they do email me 3 days before my books are due and then the day they are do so at least they are helpful that way. But there was that time I didn’t feel like driving the 2 miles to the library and ended up with $11 in late fees.

  4. 4

    Thank you for doing this link-up each week! I love catching up with your sweet family. I think my 9 year old would love those books…thank you for the recommendation! And I’m totally with you on the library fees…ugh! I’m horrible about getting them back on time. Have a great weekend!
    Brittany´s last blog post ..InstaFriday

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    Woah that site is fantastic everyone loves studying your content regularly. Keep up the best works of art! You understand, plenty of person’s are searching round due to this facts, you may assistance these folks greatly.

  6. 6

    My nine year old LOVES those autobiography books.
    She gets new ones from the library all of the time and even buys them from the bookstore when she can.
    Mindy Curtis´s last blog post ..Moments {3.7.14}


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