Instagram is my favorite.

I could delete Facebook, Twitter, and you know, even my blog.

But I’d be so sad to lose insta.  Because it captures the moments I forget about.  The minutes that make up who we are.

Join us?

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We’ve had this game for a while now, but it was packed away at the bottom of a drawer.

Now that Henry is a little older and can actually do it, I thought we’d pull it out again.

He gets REALLY frustrated.  Really.  Really.

So it’s back in the drawer.  For now.

(Ew.  I just went to link to the game on Amazon, and it looks like they’ve changed the whole dang thing.  Why do they mess with classics?  Annoying.)


Super Bowl parties for us basically mean we straighten up the house and buy a ridiculous amount of pizza.

Guests fill in with appetizers and desserts.

There are no streamers.  No football themed napkins and plates.  No 7 layer dips with an end zone piped in sour cream on top.

We open the door and people start streaming in.  And the noise and chaos ensues.  And its the best kind of parties.



All the live long day.


He even pushes chairs around the house to better suit his climbing needs.

And it’s not exactly like I can rid my home of all sitting accouterments.

And so, I find him on top of furniture constantly.

I’ve never had a climber.  This is new mama territory.

Is 18 months too young for the time out bench?  Because scolding him ain’t working.


Also, he was pooping here.

While standing on top of my kitchen table.

Because where else?


When I forget to pack crayons and a doodle pad for Big Church, I keep Henry occupied by having him go through my Bible and underlining every time he sees the word “God”.

The other night, he randomly asked for a Bible.  And then got cozy in my bed underlining away.  He did this for the better part of an hour.

And then resumed his underlining again last night.

He’s through Numbers.


Remember those books on tape we got and the wild goose chase it was for me to find a boom box that played cassette tapes and that didn’t cost a small fortune?

(I mean, I found them at Amazon and Walmart for $50, but it just seemed non-sensical to spend that much so we could play a handful of hand me down tapes, you know?)

Well, lucky for me I have fantastic friends who text you from a thrift store.

It’s SILVER AND PINK.  And completely and totally radical.

And only $15.

Also, it can take batteries.  So my life is officially complete.  I’m totally taking it to next year’s Epilepsy Walk.  We’re gonna rock it out.


February is Black History Month and as Henry and I talked about slavery (his first exposure to the topic).

“Mom, if I lived in those times, I would dress myself up in a costume that made it look like I had brown skin*, and then I’d let them buy me, but then I’d rip off my costume and say ‘SEE!  We’re all the same!  I tricked you!  We’re all just people!  Now let my friends go!  And if they didn’t, I would punch the guy with the keys and take the keys and help my friends escape….but…wait…Mom?  I know I’m not supposed to kick people…but would it be okay to kick someone or punch them if they were being so rude to other people like that?”

This is where I start panicking and thinking I AM NOT EQUIPPED FOR THIS!!!!

“Well, I think God wants us to try to help others in the best way we can.  And I think it’s best to try and use our words and our brains to find creative ways to help before we ever do anything violent.  Like Harriet Tubman.  She saved 300 slaves without ever hurting anyone.  I think that’s probably the best choice.”

“But would you be mad at me if I did that?  If I punched someone? If I was trying to help?  Because Mom, that’s awful to treat other people like that.  God made us all the same.”

“You know what  Buddy?  If you believed in your heart that something was deeply wrong and you were brave enough to stand up for doing the right thing, I would never be mad at you.  But you need to always pray before you use your fists, okay?  Promise?”

“Promise Mom.  But I’m still just so mad about this.”  (his eyes were filled with water and his chin was quivering.  And at 6, he’s trying to hold it in because his emotions sometimes embarrass him.)

“I know, Buddy.  I am too.”

*My immediate thought at the costume part of the conversation was to talk about how inappropriate Black Face is…but I thought I’d give him a chance to see where he went with it.  I’m glad I did.

Related: praying he doesn’t turn into a vigilante on the schoolyard now.

(Okay last post script: this book was great.  Not too detailed but not so watered down it doesn’t say anything.  Highly recommend it.)


On a lighter note, I signed the girls up for storytime at the library.

Which means I have 30 minutes to kill with the Porkchop.



And this week marked Henry’s one year skating anniversary.

He looks so bitty and scared in this picture.

And now?  I’m pretty sure he’s a silent partner at the place.

(Also, in case you wondered, any mention, link, or shout out to the skate park is of my own doing.  It’s not sponsored in any way.  We pay for use of the park and whatever else.  Just thought I should mention that.)

* * * *

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  1. 1

    I love your boom box. It’s so much coolerf than mine. haha. And wouldn’t Porkchop ( I’m going to forget his reall name) just drag his timeout bench somewhere? You’ll have to bolt it down or chain him down, but I don’t want you to get arrested for child abuse. :-) I need to get back into this, but I keep forgetting to use Instagram for my pics. I’ll try to get back, but f you might get sick of seeing just pics of my grandson. hugs
    Robbin Mote´s last blog post ..SUNDAY HOPE

  2. 2

    Oh my gosh. Henry is so very sweet. What a precious heart he has! And what a great friend you have, to be on the lookout for the coolest boom box ever. // I linked up both my insta account and my blog post…. because I prefer meeting people through their stories, then follow their pictures once I’ve gotten to know them a bit. Otherwise my Instafeed gets out of control. I hope that’s okay to link up twice? Thanks so much for hosting the link up each week. It’s fun. xo
    Anne @ anne b. good´s last blog post week in review: 1/28-2/6//2014

  3. 3

    When you take that boom box to the Epilepsy walk next year, take the speaker covers off before hand and spray paint them purple! Just a thought.

  4. 4

    I forgot that it was Friday, so when I saw the Instafriday post in my reader, I quietly yelled (because you never wake a napping toddler) with joy! I love these posts! They make my week. :)I only have one 16 month old, but she is a handful and my weeks feel looooong. But Instafriday is like the bright spot at the end of the tunnel! Thanks, Jeanett.

    Incidentally, the first time I saw your Instagram name (handle? I never know these things.), I read it as “JeanettEgg” in my head. So, now, whenever I see you in my feed I say that in my head, even though it is clearly not that. I think my brain subconsciously linked you and your chickens and I will forever think of you as “JeanettEgg.”

  5. 5

    we have that SAME puzzle! Miss Priss LOVES it!
    melle e´s last blog post ..Buzzz…. Buzzzz… It’s swarming Bumblebees!

  6. 6

    Oh my goodness…I’m pretty sure the anxiety I have an adult is at least partly due to all the games of Perfection I played as a kid! It’s so much fun, but just looking at that picture gave me that slightly panicked feeling. Same with the game ‘Operation’ :D

  7. 7

    Hey Jeannett, just thought I’d let you know about a favorite book of ours that you might like to read this month. Its called “Henry’s Freedom Box” by Ellen Levine. Its a picture book and a great read aloud. Elizabeth loves it too, so I think that Lucy and Jill might like to listen as well. Another one we like is “The Story of Ruby Bridges” by Robert Cole. Thanks for your book suggestion…I think we’ll go get that next week during our monthly library trip!

  8. 8

    Well, I am in tears reading about Black History Month! I could just squeeze your little guy for his sentiments here! Praise God for the children! I am stopping by finally after following the Pleated Poppy for years and Tamera Beardsley. I’ll be here again…

    Shon´s last blog post ..Free Style


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