The Post Office is closed on Thanksgiving.

So is Life Rearranged.

Or maybe I just lost track of my days.

Sue me.

(Reason 4,068 I’ll never be a professional blogger.)


National Geographic Kids sent my kids a package of fantastic.

While all of it is great, is it weird that I was most impressed with the custom ribbon?

I’ll share more about these books later in the week (and a fun giveaway!).


Jilly had another seizure last Friday.

Normally, I just roll with the punches, but this time it put me in a funk for a few days.  I don’t know why this time was different, but I was feeling pretty sorry for her, myself, our family.  I keep praying she outgrows it.  Doesn’t look likely.  (Doc said it was a less than 50% likelihood.)

To help with my bad attitude, I wore my #teamjilly shirt and paid a little love via #AJO the next day.

(Have I shared #AJO with you?  Go read this.  Bittersweet.  But still so good.)


Nothing to say here.

Except that when he wears man jeans and a man shirt, he kinda looks like a little person.

And it’s awesome.


Naptime Diaries Advent Calendar (that I use as decoration mostly…we already do a Jesse Advent) and chalkboard art (I shamelessly copied from here).

Makes my kitchen happy.

And happy is my favorite.

(pssst…I just noticed when I went to link that, she is offering 40% off her entire shop today!  Not sponsored.  Just sharing.)


I have never, ever, ever put up Christmas anything before Thanksgiving.

But with the short season this year, and the fact that we will be out of town for Christmas this year (a first!), AND Andy’s traveling part of the time too…I figured it was worth putting the tree up a little early so that we could all enjoy it a little longer.

In the end, I actually really liked having it twinkling in the background as we celebrated Thanksgiving.  It was like a beacon of things to come.  And it was a great way to relax after two very long days of cooking (for it all to be eaten in 40 minutes!).

Your turn!  Show me the turkey!


life rearranged

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  1. 1

    Love your Chalkboard! Great job :)
    Michelle @ michelle lea designs´s last blog post ..Winter Wonderland

  2. 2

    if it makes you feel any better, I have had several people express a bit of melancholy over their circumstances this Thanksgiving weekend. Sending love and prayers from this reader.