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Our chickens are finally laying eggs!

It is such a delight for the kids to rush out and look for eggs every morning.

Like Easter every day.

Minus the Resurrection part.

We get two browns and two greens.  SUPER fun.

Owen is equal parts fascinated and terrified of the chickens.

But mostly he’s just convinced that someday he will crawl into the coop.

And gets mad and yells at me when I catch him and scoop him away.

Meanest mom ever.

(P.S. that shirt?  Slays me.  It’s a ferret.  In a pirate costume.  With a Mom tattoo.)


We snuck away for a few days to visit Disneyland.

Sort of an end of summer last hurrah.  Plus, we had blackout dates on most of the last few months on our passes so we were having withdrawals.

I keep waiting for the magic to wear off.

It still hasn’t.

I hope it doesn’t.


Jill was a super star.

It was less busy than usual, so she was able to wander around more.

As such, she basically won the hearts of every Disney employee she crossed paths with.

One guy gave her the necklace right off his neck…about ten minutes later, another employee came walking over from across the courtyard to give her a pin declaring her “Honorary Citizen” of Disneyland, and had several employees playing silly games with her in the window.

That girl.

She will move mountains.

In pigtails and pink tennies.

My family is the best.

They all went on a roller coaster while I sat out with the kids…and posed for the camera doing the Duck Face Peace Sign Selfie.

No toilet, but I suppose a roller coaster cart is suitable.

I love Silly.

I love that we don’t take ourselves seriously.

Life is so much funner that way.


It was HOT.

Like, ohmahword I might melt into a puddle hot.

I love how they stick together.

Notice how Henry and Lu are holding hands.

I pray that they are best friends as adults.

I don’t care if they are doctors or lawyers or even President…I want them to love each other.  I want them to WANT to hang out.  I want them to WANT to get their families together.  I want them to call each other for support.

Only time will tell.  But I’m holding out hope.  Hard.


One of Jill’s favorite things is seeing the characters.

Even though I’m not a huge fan of standing in line just to spend 12 seconds with a poor employee dying of heat stroke inside a giant bear costume, Girlfriend loves it.

So we do.

Often, I take advantage of time when Daddy and the Bigs are on rides she is too short for and we’re waiting around anyway.

And then the wait is always worth it.

Because this.

Incidentally, I spend a lot of my time at Disneyland crying.

And there is Lucy.

You guys.  This ride is called Tower of Terror.  It’s this thing that carries you several stories high and then drops you down like 6 times.

I went on it once.  Once.  Uno.

Lucy…my FOUR YEAR OLD…like, just turned four so really, she’s practically still three…LOVES it.

And then?!

They check the pictures and see that unbeknownst to anyone…the girl gives the camera a THUMBS UP.  A freaking thumbs up.

She didn’t tell anyone, no one told her to…she just did.  (Although I’m guessing she must have overheard the people in front of her talking about it?)

Still.  She’s FOUR.

My kids are rad.


This child.

He’s just…I don’t even know.

The silliest.  The craziest.  The most mischievous.  The best.

While every other kid playing in the water misters came out just barely damp…he managed to find a way to get soaked to the bone.  DRIPPING.

Because of course.

Did I mention he doesn’t nap the whole time we are there?

Because he needs to be in a crib.

Until finally…the end of Day 3…he succumbed.

And I stare at those cheeks and those eyelashes and those lips and I just think “How will I ever say NO to him?!


“Well ain’t you just the cutest little roadster I ever did see?  And look at those tires!  Dadgum!” – Mater

Duh, I could have told you that.


People often ask where we stay when we go to Disneyland.

While we have family nearby that we could stay with, it’s more “vacation-y” to stay in a hotel.  Besides, Andy travels for work a lot.  The downside: he’s gone often.  The upside: he gets lots of hotel points.

We love the Sheraton Anaheim.  It’s so family friendly.  The rooms are huge, they have a free shuttle service to the park every 30 minutes, and the rates are reasonable (especially in the off season).

We’ve been so many times this year, we scored an upgrade to a two-room suite and they surprised our family with a little welcome treat.

So basically, I like it even more.

(Hint: give me chocolate covered popcorn and you will win my heart.)

Speaking of.

Holy. Moly.

This stuff is INSANE.

And I don’t even like popcorn.

Like, I truly don’t ever eat it.  Even in movies.

But this?  This?  This is like Heaven came down special just for my taste buds.

We bought a third bag for the drive home.

Don’t judge.


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  1. 2

    Can I tell you how much I LOVE that the man-child in the front row of the tower of terror looks like he might possibly be wetting himself in fear and your kids are all in the back row all like, “have we started moving yet?”
    Jordan´s last blog post ..FIGHT

  2. 3

    Disney is one of the things we miss most about California. Having annual passes is truly the best ever. It looks like such a fun time!
    Alyson @Vintage Sunshine´s last blog post ..nine thirteen thirteen

  3. 4

    Oh my goodness that truck from Cars Mater!!!!! I love that movie :)

    xoxo Monica
    Monica´s last blog post ..Instafriday

  4. 5

    How fun that you can leave on a whim and enjoy a fun family vacation at Disneyland. What a great memory and loved the picture with Winnie the Pooh. Priceless.

  5. 6

    Sheraton Anaheim rocks! Little one’s eyes lit up as we were pulling up (1st Disneyland trip) and she gasped, ‘We’re staying in a little castle?!”

    thanks for sharing all the wonderful pics of your adorable ones!

  6. 7

    Love all your instapics! Looks like a fun time at Disney!
    Tanya´s last blog post ..InstaFriday – Week(s) in Review

  7. 8

    what a lovely trip!
    b @ then there was we´s last blog post ..twelve

  8. 9

    So awesome! i love the shot of the three oldest with the fountain spray, very cool ;-)
    Anna-Leigh´s last blog post ..The Last Day, the First Day, and a Gift {Back to School Gift}


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