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Little boys crack me up.

I find funny little vignettes everywhere.

In this case, clips on a mirror in my hallway.


We try to let the chickens “free range” it up in the yard.

Except they poop.  A LOT.

Like, I seriously had NO IDEA.

Also, they like to lay their eggs in our Pepsi fridge turned planter box.

It’s convenient, albeit awkward when they look in the window and I’m cooking…chicken.

It’s unnerving.  To say the least.


Andy works the sound booth at church some weeks, and we mill about waiting while he cleans up after service.

Last week, Missy beelined for the microphones and BELTED. IT. OUT.

I have no idea what she was singing, but it was FIERCE.

And for like 15 minutes.



Still running.

Day 5.

My kids legitimately believe that the morning dew on the trampoline makes them jump higher.

I’m not sure my neighbors so much appreciate the squeals at 7:02 a.m.

Also, remind me to order a new trampoline net.

I’ve been avoiding it on principle.  a new net is like $75.  The whole cotton pickin’ trampoline was only $200.  So I’m boycotting.  On the premise that it’s highway robbery.

Until Andy reminded me that a $75 net is still cheaper than a broken bone.

Dumb economics.


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  1. 1

    I seriously ran – RAN – from my family room to the laptop in the dining room to try to be the first one to link up. I don’t know why. You don’t give out awards or anything. But nooooo. I don’t even get the bronze. Anyways. // I get a kick out of you making chicken for dinner while watching the chickens in your yard. Too funny. You are just cracking me up tonight. // Have a great week! xo
    Anne´s last blog post week in review: 8/30-9/5//2013

  2. 2

    Little boys certainly are funny!
    Dina@4LettreWords´s last blog post ..August via Instagram

  3. 3

    thanks for havin us girlfriend. get the net. i’m nervous. :) #nervousnelliehere #especiallywiththedew
    Jaime ♥ Raising up Rubies´s last blog post ..insta-friday … ♥

  4. 5

    Yes, spend the $75. We shelled out about $7000 for a broken arm a few months ago. Not from a tramp, swingset…but still.

  5. 6

    My net is still intact thank goodness!
    Necole@seriouslysassymama´s last blog post ..Friday Already

  6. 7

    I love have loved to her Jilly belting it out! John sings during church and it is super cute, especially when he forces us to make eye contact with him so we can acknowledge that he is participating too!
    Katie´s last blog post ..3 Weeks Until #IGBloomington Duathlon

  7. 8

    I think there’s nothing better than when the wee one’s sing. My girl cracks me up with some of the songs she makes up. It’s priceless!
    Anna-Leigh´s last blog post ..Droid Friday ~ End of Summer

  8. 9
  9. 10

    You’ve got a new follower on insta, I’m mamajillaroo. :)
    Kara´s last blog post ..Last game of 2013

  10. 11

    Umm, apparently I am blind. I never caught that there was a chicken in the pepsi flower box when I saw it in my insta stream. Maybe I was too caught up on how cute a planter it made? Also I’d lile to think I want chickens, and I didn’t know they pooped much. I haven’t actually thought about it until now tho. Your words about Jill singing, classic. You had me laughing at “I have no idea what she was singing ….”
    Gwendolyn T´s last blog post ..Another Week In Photos


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