Busy, busy weeks that are basically a blur.

But I take the time to snap photos of sweet moments amid the crazy.

Join us!

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He kneeboards.

It’s too much.


I adore each of my kids.

And each in a slightly different way.

The oldest boy has my heart with his sweetness and the fact that he’s not too cool to cuddle with his mom.



This boy?

Well, he’s insane.

And I love what a spark plug he is.

I’ve started a hashtag to chronicle his exploits: #NaughtyPorkchop

Because that pretty much sums him up.

Here he is opening my oven.  Which was off, but not really the point.

I’m hoping that the flip side is that I’ll be a size 0 by the time he’s three.  The Good Lord knows I haven’t sat down in 6 months.



Our playroom/schoolroom continues to evolve.

The kids love their new giant desk space.

I love how organized I can be.

And the happy stools don’t hurt.

Neither does the fantastically colorful canvas on the wall from Meg’s amazing-I-can’t-get-enough-of-it-shop.



Henry had a follow up appointment at his cardiologist.

After having been on vacation the previous week, Andy couldn’t really take time off from work to stay with the other kids.  So, I took them all.  By myself.

It actually went pretty smoothly.

Death threats and promises of ice cream may or may not have had something to do with it.

(FYI, his heart looks great.  It looks textbook perfect with any small abnormalities being totally consistent with his surgery.  The doctor couldn’t be more thrilled and has no reason to believe he will ever need any kind of follow up surgeries.  That being said, we still have to check in yearly…it is his heart after all.  Kinda important.)


After Henry’s appointment, the clan and I headed down to visit this sweetness.

I’m an auntie!!!!  Yay!

Baby Autumn is delicious.

I want to eat her up I love her so.


And what’s any Auntie worth her title if she doesn’t squeal with delight at this NEON yellow, one shouldered, bowtastic swimsuit in 0-3 months???!!!

Why yes, yes…

I am running for Best Auntie in the Universe, thankyouverymuch.


Because, HELLO?!

I die.

Those little frog legs poking out of that ruffled suit?

The best.


The kids got to do some swimming with Grandma at their Great Grandma’s pool.

They have a pretty fun life ifIdosaysomyself.


Drinking water directly from a puddle of pool water on the concrete?




The very next day?

Same thing…but with dirt.

Because dirt is DELICIOUS.



Look, I don’t want to project or anything…but my money is on this kid being an engineer like his daddy someday.

Grandma found this Build a Suspension Bridge kit, and my boys sat in the kitchen forEVER discussing all sorts of crazy big words I can’t even begin to comprehend.

Also, blue eyes.  I die.

Also, maybe he won’t be an engineer.  And that’s totally fine too.  No pressure, kid.  Promise.
IMG_5344 So, you know about Klout?

It’s this thing that supposedly measures how much online influence you have…there’s all kinds of controversy about how accurate it is, yadda yadda…but I signed up for it (free) years ago, and every once in a while I get these emails saying that I’m eligible for a Perk, which means they send me some whatever  (free) and they hope I share about it.  Truthfully, I rarely do because it’s stuff that isn’t super relevant…but this time I got this Eclos skin care stuff.  They proclaim that 100% (100!) of people saw an improvement in two weeks.  Then, they challenge you to take a picture at the beginning and then again at the end to prove it.

I thought that was pretty gutsy.  Because if it doesn’t work that would be a pretty huge social media fail, right?

So, there I am.  Day 1.  I have some unevenness and weird acne popping up now that my hormones are all whacked out.  Plus, I’m spending quite a bit of time in the sun…so we will see.  I’ll let you know in two weeks.

Okay, it’s your turn!

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    Hi! I’ve been doing my own InstaFriday on my blog for a couple months now, and just today discovered that you’ve got an InstaFriday going on over here too! Glad to see some like-minded people sharing the Instagram love. :)
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    I LOVE that desk area and those STOOLS!! Thanks for hosting the link-up! It is so fun to see what fun things people have been up to, and to find new blogs. :)
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    Thank you for hosting! This is my first week linking up and I’ve enjoyed looking through so many photos. Hope you have a happy weekend.
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    #naughtyporkchop! That’s awesome. It should be the name of a book.
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    Ashleejenna says:

    Jeannett you are so real and i love this blog so so much :)


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