Fairs and Jellys {Jelly Beans}

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One of my favorite things about my kids’ childhood is that they are surrounded by young adults who love them dearly.

My youngest sister is 20, and (second) cousins Nelle and Tess are 23 and 21.  They’ve played a major role in my children’s lives for years, and my kids have had an almost constant presence of fun-loving, goofy, coolness around them.

You can find my kids belting it out to Taylor Swift in the kitchen, breaking out into impromptu dance parties in the driveway, Henry has mastered quite a few pop culture references and can drop an “awkwaaarddddd….” appropriately, and while they have absolutely NO CLUE who the Kardashians are, they regularly refer to my car as the Kardash Mobile (I drive a black Denali).

It’s a silly way to live.  And I love that my kids are loved so deeply by younguns who aren’t too cool to hang out with a bunch of little kids.


Last week, my sister Marcia (pronounced Mar-SEE-ah) took the Bigs to the Orange County Fair.


Lucky kids.  I wish they knew just how lucky they are.


There was baby goat petting.

Always exciting.


And silly sliding.


There was even some of this atrocity.

Loop de loop, toss me around, flip me upside down roller coasters?  Bring it.

This kind of gig that slowly keeps you high in the sky?  Kill me.


But 20 year old Aunties are game for stuff like this.

Because they are 20.  And fun.

Way funner than lame 30 something moms.


Lucy sported her brand new Jelly Beans sandals.

Do you remember Jelly shoes?  Um, I pretty much lived a significant portion of the 1990′s in them.


And remember the way the plastic smelled strangely sweet?  Like a shoe version of a scratch ‘n sniff sticker.

(Bee tee dub, they still have that sweet smell.  I wonder if they do that on purpose or if that’s just what the plastic naturally smells like???  Questions of eternal significance.  For sure.)


My kids are experts at the selfie.  Because they hang out with 20 somethings.

I cannot tell you how many pictures like this are on my phone just like this one.


And this one.



These two…they fight like cats and dogs somedays.

If ever I lose my mind, it’s because of their bickering.

But they adore each other.  You can often find them holding hands.  They do it without even realizing it.

I’ll take it.




I’ve already been asked to go to the beach 396 times so they can recreate this.

High hopes those two.


Henry’s a hand holder.

A cuddler.

I love that he still does this.



What is it about sprinklers that shoot up out of concrete?

Rides, games, petting zoos are no match.


They have these at Disneyland too.

Walt could have saved a whole lot of money on rides.


A side perk to Jellys?

You don’t have to take them off when you play in the water.


Which is good because real water shoes are hideous.

Jellys are awesome and not ugly.


The day at the fair ended with frozen yogurt piled high with all sorts of sugary nasty.

Told you Aunts were fun.

photo (22)


Want a pair of the original Jelly Beans?

Right now, they are offering free shipping to the US (they are based out of Australia!).

And they come in adult sizes too!

Do you remember Jellys?  Did you own a pair?  What color?

(I had pink, purple, and clear ones with glitter in them.  I was pretty hip.)



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  1. 1

    Never had a pair of jelly sandals in the 90s. I do distinctly remember being told at summer camp that if you insisted on wearing jellies, you had to wear socks with them. :p
    Kara´s last blog post ..July so far part 3 – Instafriday

  2. 2

    I remember jellys, I had purple glittery ones – with a heel! – I was oh, so glam!! ;)
    Jessica´s last blog post ..Out of the Fatherland

  3. 3

    I had clear with glitter. I remember them leaving the criss cross pattern on my feet.
    Angie´s last blog post ..Mother’s Day Tradition 2013

  4. 4

    I didn’t have jelly’s because I was already too ancient to wear them in the ’90s. Because I was in my 20s, thus arbitrarily ancient.

    Besides, they made my feet stinkier LOL

    Super cute shoes and a whole lotta fun. What’s not to love?

    Took Miss A to the state fair 3 times. She loves the rides. I’m not a fan, personally, but she love the slide and anything bounce-housey-climby-onny.


  5. 5

    I wore them in the 80s. I had several pair but my favorite looked just like Lucy’s but were clear. I wore them out. I also had several pairs of the slip-on Jellys but they seemed to break easier than the buckled style. I think one of the cutest things is a little girl in a sundress and Jellys.

  6. 6

    Holy heck! $35! Yikes! But you know, I totally bought little one 2 pairs. HA! Absolutely adorable!!!