Weeks are busy.  Moments easily missed.

Technology gets a bad rap sometimes, but I love that it reminds me to slow down enough to capture the little things.

And then I get to relive them here.  And I always smile.

Every. week.

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There are few things more gratifying in life than making fresh guacamole.

Okay, eating it when you’re done.

But still.  I love making it.


Abraham has finally gone off to meet the great fish in the sky.

I decided to clean his (murky, nasty) water in celebration of Owen’s party.

And I forgot to put the chlorine drops in.

Funny how he annoyed me, and then I was honestly kinda sad when I saw him floating there.  I didn’t cry, but you know, the lump was there.

And no.  I didn’t do it on purpose.  I’m heartless, but not that heartless.

And no.  We are NOT getting another fish.  I didn’t kill the guy on purpose, but that doesn’t mean I want another one.


The laundry.

It never friggin’ ends.

I thought I’d try to outsmart it by watching some TED talks from some of my favorite ladies.

Y’all those girls are smart.  And funny.

I HIGHLY recommend watching these.  HIGHLY.  Do it while you’re folding that pair of pj pants for the 3,975th time.

Glennon Melton, Brene Brown, Kristen Howerton.


Have I mentioned Henry’s playing basketball?


Through the local Boys and Girls Club.

And there are PRACTICES.  Because, you know, 6 year olds gotta train.

This is so not my gig.


And then there are games weekly.

Two practices a week and a game.

For real?

This is necessary?

The games are fun.  And by fun I mean I make the most of my time there.

But honestly…I kinda wish he just wanted to stay home and read.

Or at least stick to skateboarding.  We can do that as much (or as little) as we want.  On our time.  No schedules.  No three times a week business.  And certainly not smack during dinner time.

I know I’m her mama.

And I know all mamas think they have the most beautiful little girl in the world.

But really, you guys.

This kid slays us.  She is good for us.  We are a better family because of her.

This is Andy’s book, but I’m reading it too.

The statistics are downright terrifying.

And his job as a dad is so critical.  I’m glad he cares.  I’m glad he wants to take it seriously.

I’m glad he kinda hates reading so I can sneak the book first.

After Owen’s party, we took advantage of family being around to watch the Porkchop and took the Bigs to see Monsters University.

It was a late showing for kids (7:20), so we got them all cozy lozy in jamas and brought our Monsters with us.

Except then we somehow lost Mike.  And I kinda want to cry.

This is what happens when you take three little kids to a movie after they’ve had a busy day of birthday partying.

Jill fell apart when her dumb mom insisted they take a picture for posterity.

Lucy is basically a zombie.  All glassy eyed and in a daze.

And Henry…well, he looks the best out of the three, but he was barely hanging on.

Remember the Monsters University shoes that etnies sent me a couple of weeks ago?

Well, when I told them what sizes I needed, I said I needed a size 6 (for Jilly).

So, they sent me a size 6.  In big boys.

As in, I literally can wear them.

They were gracious enough to send me a new pair in 6T.

I’m obsessed with them.  Jill is too.  She wore them around the house right out of the box and screamed when we insisted she couldn’t wear them to bed.


See?  She even wore them to school the next day.

She has changed so much in just one school year.

Time sucks.


And then this girl.

Such a big girl.

She thinks she’s like 28.  But she’s not.  We have to remind her often.

And she has the best hair.  Best.


So yesterday, I wrote a post about migraines, and how my grandma says I’ve gotten headaches since I was little…

Henry had basketball practice, but couldn’t make it because his head was hurting.  I found him late afternoon napping.

I am so so so sad that my boy has inherited his mama’s head pounding.

So sad.

So I’m getting ready to go out to dinner last night…and I decide to wear my hair curly because it’s quicker…just spray some water in it, gel and scrunch.  Easy.

So I start spraying like crazy and after a bit I realize it smells…funny.

And there are bubbles in the bottle.

Because it’s SHOWER CLEANER.

All over my hair.


And no, I didn’t have time to wash my hair.  So I just went with it.

So far my hair isn’t orange or anything.  Fingers crossed.


 Your turn!

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life rearranged

life rearranged


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  1. 1

    I love your stories and comments!! I smile and laugh out loud reading your posts :) I follow you and your babies on Instagram, but it’s so fun to come back at the end of the week and read the stories that go along. Thanks for the weekly reminder to capture and enjoy those little moments because they go by much too fast! Have a great day! :)
    Amanda´s last blog post ..Insta-Friday: Capturing the Moments, Sharing the Stories

  2. 2

    I need that book for my husband. We have three daughters. No boys, only girls.
    seriously sassy mama´s last blog post ..Friday

  3. 3

    Oh, I hear you on the sports schedules! Not easy on momma, especially at the beginning of each new season. // I listened to Glennon & Brene, but will need to catch Kristen’s. — Good stuff! // I realized this week that I’ve been linking up for InstaFriday for a year now… thanks for the opportunity to link up and share my weeks and meet new people. // Have a great week. xo, ab
    Anne @ anne b. good´s last blog post week in review: 6/21-27//2013

    • 4

      I just saw that I’ve done like 104 InstaFridays…you would think I would have celebrated the 100th with some special giveaway or something. Maybe 150…

  4. 5

    I can’t believe you took a picture of your dead fish.

    Not in a judgemental way, but in a “I’m jealous that your fish is dead and mine is still hanging on.” Seemed like such a good idea for a birthday present, but the sparkle wore off pretty quick around here.

    Oh well.
    Katherine´s last blog post ..All I Have to Offer is a Numbered List

    • 6

      Look, I didn’t do it on purpose. Pinky swear it. But I’m not gonna lie…I was secretly relieved. I have enough poop to clean up after.

  5. 7

    I’m going to get my act together and link up with you one of these weeks because I love your InstaFridays so much. I’m just so glad that you’re hair is okay!!! I follow you on IG and when I saw that post about the spray bottle mix-up, I was REALLY worried for you. Guess your hair smelled as fresh as a newly cleaned shower, at least! :) Happy weekend. xo
    Jenn´s last blog post ..Five Minute Friday {13}: In Between

    • 8

      DO IT! It’s really fun…and I’m not just saying that because I host. It’s my favorite post. Every week.

      And yeah…the hair. Typical. At least in this house.
      Also…the bottles are still unmarked. Because I like to walk on the wild side.

  6. 9

    i have been reading for a while and love your honesty and wit. thanks for sharing the authentic YOU. I laughed out loud with the water bottle mix-up- because similar things have happened here. have a lovely weekend!!
    Susan´s last blog post ..{Thrifty Finds} Milk Glass & Nancy Drew

  7. 10

    Miss A’s fish died a few weeks ago. Lasted all of two months. The friend who gave the fish tried to pawn off her guinea pig on us after he heard. Uh, no thanks.

    Miss A wants the big blue guy. Sheesh.


    • 11

      I don’t know what got into me buying a fish in the first place, but Andy and I agreed to never buy our kids pets that were really just furry chores. A guinea pig = a furry chore.

      You mean Sully? We got him at Disneyland. He came with a little stuffed Mike Wazowski too. Which we lost. And I don’t think we can replace it since it came in a set. But of course it did.

  8. 12

    Poor fish! The Easter Bunny brought my kids each a Beta. When we got home from church they had jumped out of their bowls. One was dead and the other barely hanging on. We called the pet store and they told us we could bring them back for a refund. We ended up getting a tank with a pump and three more fish (not Betas). The kids loved them and then we changed their water. I let the water come to room temp, used the drops and they all 3 died within 10 minutes of being put in the water. My poor 4 year old was crushed as she watched them die and I felt really bad that I’d killed them. We still haven’t replaced them. I think I’m done with fish.

  9. 14
    D Money says:

    RIP Abe.
    Do you care to share your guac recipe? I already make the salsa roja and berry crisp dessert thingy that you’ve posted here. Both are delish!!! If it is a super secret family recipe, I totally understand.

  10. 16

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    account it. Look advanced to more added agreeable
    from you! By the way, how could we communicate?
    Ork Morze´s last blog post ..Ork Morze


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