You know…sometimes I think “Dang, that was a TOUGH week.”

And then I sit down to do InstaFriday…and I see all the sweet goofy moments.  And it was still a hard week.  But there was beauty too.  I like that Instagram helps me see that week after week.

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Ketchup packets annoy me.

Much too small.

And yes, so many of you told me about the big ones at Chic Fil A…too bad we don’t have one.

Sad trombone.


We do, however, have a Wienerschnitzel.

Which is so disgusting.  Disgustingly good.

Don’t have one?  It’s basically fast food covered in chili.

I can only allow myself to eat there about three times a year for fear of having a heart attack on the spot.

It’s so wrong.  Yet so right.


I like baby toes best, but I can make an exception.

I actually bought these at a yard sale…6 years ago when Henry was a baby!

Hand me downs rock.

Also, ankle rolls.


We squeezed in a trip to Disneyland since our passes are about to have a bunch of blackout dates for summer.  Which is fine because who wants to go to Disneyland in the hot crowds?

“Not I”, said the introvert.

Fun fact: I like roller coasters.  Toss me around.  Upside down.  Yay.  Put me on the Jumpin’ Jellyfish thing for little kids that takes me all slow and steady high in the sky?  Dying.  Freaking out.  A ferris wheel would do me in.  Forever.

A husband that travels a lot is the worst.

A husband who travels a lot but racks up hotel points makes it a little better.  A little.

We decided to take the kids to the pool for a short bit the first night.

This girl?  RAN to the pool.

Not kidding.  RAN.

Every picture I tried to take was straight up blurry.

She loooooooves water play.

My little pig-tailed fish.


The story behind this: So, I get souvenir memorabilia.  But what kills me is the stuff that I cannot imagine you EVER wearing anywhere outside of the park.  EVER.

Case in point: this tire hat.  (It’s a tire from Luigi’s…you know, in Cars?)

First of all, it’s hideous and weird.

Second…it’s hideous and weird.

I put one on to demonstrate said hideous weirdness.

Tess immediately exclaimed that I looked just like Lucy in that old picture of her wearing the werewolf beanie thing.


Disneyland makes me cry.

I have so much to say about this.

But it will wait.  I think it deserves its own post.

For now…you can see how cotton pickin’ excited she was.

Also, the jean shorts and the eyelet top?  I die.


Making people puke since 1955.

Notice how I am not on it.

Cousins are way nicer than parents.

The Disney fun ended and was immediately followed up with Jilly’s IEP.

IEP’s are no fun.  Truthfully, we’ve had pretty pleasant experiences both times so far…but it’s just stressful.  Because it can so easily go the other way.

Last minute Special Ed law cramming from these books.  It’s good to be prepared.  This stuff is muy complicado.

2.5 long hours later, Jill will be in an inclusion preschool next year.  I’m super excited for this.  Being around typically developing peers will help her so much.  She likes to mimic others, so being in a regular class will be so good for her speech.  We also increased her individual speech time, and are beginning work with a behavioral therapist at home soon.  Most of her “behaviors” are based on her frustration not being able to communicate, so speech will naturally be a huge part of that.  We are hitting it from all sides!

I think next year will be a huge year for her.  I can’t wait to see where she is by Kinder!

And after all of that, we started swim lessons!

We found a place that does aquatic therapy, which we may look into for Jill…but they also do private group swim lessons.

Is it way more expensive than the lessons through the city?  Yes.  As in, triple.


They can accommodate Jill.

So everyone gets to learn.  She doesn’t have to sit and just watch.  Which would basically mean a tantrum.  And frankly, it would be cruel on my part to make her sit out and watch.  Legit cruel.

She giggled non-stop when it was her turn.

Worth every penny.

Our week was crazy.  Mostly good crazy, but still crazy.

How was yours?

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  1. 1

    Is there no link up today?

    I love your DIsney pics! DIsneyland always makes me cry too! Love it! :)
    Stephanie´s last blog post ..instafriday…

  2. 4

    I love it!! i love that your family can go to disneyland, I love that Jilly gets to do swim lessons with the fam, and I love that you are able to make the triple cost work. She so deserves it! The jilly running picture is so dang sweet I want to cry! So adorable!
    Katie´s last blog post ..Grandma’s Marathon 2013 Race Plan

  3. 5

    What a joy-filled week!
    Dina@4LettreWords´s last blog post ..May via Instagram

  4. 6

    lovely looking week! jill is just the cutest little thing in her polka dot swimsuit and perfect summer outfit! she looks SO full of wonderful personality. :) so happy that you were able to plan some things to make her even happier than she already looks!
    b @ then there was we´s last blog post ..instafriday

  5. 7

    I love the hat pictures!!
    Cassi´s last blog post ..Falling

  6. 8

    yeah, disneyland in the summer is for the birds, man. yuck. hot, sticky and way crowded. we never minded that our passes were usually mostly blocked out in summer. yay for hotel points, that’s awesome. i hope that one day we have that perk. haha. it really sounds like this WILL be a great year for Jilly! that’s awesome. can’t wait to see the progress she makes.
    Alyson @Vintage Sunshine´s last blog post ..six seven thirteen

  7. 9

    I was wondering about the story behind that hat pic! I’m totally with you on the souvenir purchases. // Sorry you had a tough week. I like this weekly post for the same reason. It always makes me smile to see the little things. Helps me appreciate them. // So glad Jilly gets to get in the pool and giggle. So sweet. xoxo, ab

  8. 10
    hopefulmother says:

    IEP results sound GREAT! I am excited for you and Jilly. Inclusion preschool sounds fantastic. And, we have done lessons at that pool and it sounds like a good match for you guys!

  9. 11

    It sounds like the IEP went well. Cameron is/was in an Inclusion preschool through our school district and it was AMAZING. He “gradulates” this Tuesday. And is off to Kindergarten this fall. :::sniff sniff::: Jilly will love it. At the one my son attended it was at a high school, so each child had a H.S. Tutor. The community kids and the kids that were on IEP’s. He has done so well and come so far, we will be singing off on ending the IEP next week! (Unless his evaluation they have done says other wise but I doubt it) Based on the goals we set, he has met and passed them all. I hope and pray for much success, growing, and learning for Jilly. She is going to grow up so fast! It looks like you had a fun week. I have to say I am kinda envious that you get to go to Disneyland all the time living right there. That picture with Pooh and the Gang melts my <3. Love insta Friday!
    Ceri´s last blog post ..Baby Shower Cake – "A Star Is Born"

  10. 12

    This is my first time linking with Insta Friday! I loved it! I cannot wait to read your Disneyland post!
    Kayla @ TAA´s last blog post ..InstaFriday & H54F

  11. 13

    Most uplifting Instafriday ever! So great to hear the results of the IEP and the swim lessons! God is so good. Yes, it def sounds like the swim therapy would be worth the money as well. I thought of that the moment you said she runs to the pool. All that gravity free movement – yay! It’s so neat to think of where Jilly is now vs. the concerns when she was being diagnosed. Oh, Baby, you’ve come a long way! I know it’s not without its struggles, frustrations, and heartbreaks, but oh, God is so good!
    Keep up the good work, Jeannett! You’re rocking it, Mama!

  12. 14

    first time i’ve visited your site and i really enjoyed your instagram friday post! as a special educator, it’s refreshing when parents are willfully involved in their child’s programming. it makes all the difference in the world! jill’s in good hands.
    arelle hughes´s last blog post ..counting down to launch…

  13. 15

    I was waiting for this weeks post, specifically to find out what the deal with the side by side Lucy and tire hat photo was all about. Weird and hideous is right. Disneyland makes me cry too. I didn’t think I would even care until we went. They were so happy and had so much fun, it really made it worth the entry fee, almost.
    Gwendolyn T´s last blog post ..A Week In Photos

  14. 16

    So I totally wanted to cry at the pool picture. I am SO HAPPY that Jilly can do this with her siblings!!!

    I grew up feeling guilty for the times my sister didn’t get to go to the movies, a concert, a special event – because the deaf sister wouldn’t be able to participate. I know what a big deal it is to be included – there really is no better feeling.

    I am so tickled pink at that photo – cannot even tell you! :)
    Rachel´s last blog post ..Sweet WildFlour Giveaway

  15. 17

    Wonderful week you had. Funny and sweet bonding with your kids. Has your daughter tried to be with other kids aside from her siblings?


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