Man, that post I wrote about #fitchthehomeless got some traction!  I don’t know what qualifies as going “viral” officially, but hot dang my site got some traffic the last couple of days!  Lots of people downright disagreed with my view, but that’s okay…I didn’t really expect them to…mostly, I’m just glad the conversation is happening at all.  And that’s a good thing.

Nonetheless, we are back to our regularly scheduled programming…InstaFriday!!!!  WOOOHOOOO!!!!  (Because seriously, controversy exhausts me.  I like happy a lot better.)

Every Friday we put those instagrams we snap all week to use and tell the stories behind the filtered pictures.  It’s the simple, sweet, everyday moments that are my favorites.

Will you join us?  (I’m jeannettg on insta if you want to follow!)


Mother’s Day weekend…oh yes, weekend…was awesome.  We spent a lot of time just hanging out as a family, and I spent a lot of time relaxing, and not changing diapers.

My family knows my love language: a 3 pound bag of the best gummy bears in the history of gummy bears, and the cutest kid writing EVAH:

“Love Henry and the sisters and Owen.” 

I die.


 We look over and see Jill sitting on the grass trying to hit a wiffle ball with a bat.  It’s the cutest.

I think to myself: “oh yay!  Look at that!  She understands what a ball and bat do, and look at how strong she’s getting!  I’m so impressed with her cognitive and physical improvements!  Go Jill!”  And I go back to the dishes.

Dad: Walks right to her, props her up and helps her hit the ball.  Over and over and over again.

Oh the giggles!  Be still my heart.


Our chicken coop is all put together, and set up in the garden area.

It felt like something was missing…bunting.  Obvs.

Besides, I have yaaaaards of it leftover from the boys’ room…might as well put it to use.  Am I right?

I feel like it needs a little welcome mat and maybe some cute little flowers at the base.  Yes, yes it does.

(We ordered our coop from here.  We got it for 40% off plus free shipping, so it was worth not trying to design and build our own.  Plus, it’s in a pretty prominent spot in my small backyard.  It had to be cute and functional.  No affiliation.  Just saving myself a few emails.)

Have I mentioned that this boy couldn’t be bothered with baby food?

He pretty much went straight to table food.  He just doesn’t like the consistency of the mush.

So, I let him have at it with the other kids with Muffin Tin Lunch.

The blueberries were his favorite.  If you couldn’t tell.



That’s approximately the number of times that Henry has asked me to buy a mini basketball hoop.

So he can train our chickens to play.

But of course.

Andy bought himself a new coffee mug for the office.

It’s gigantic.  Like, 2.5 cups of coffee worth.

But hello?!  TMNT.

(TJ Maxx $3.99.  Because I know some of y’all will ask.  And who could blame you?  It’s pretty amazing.)


Oh this girl.

She is growing up much too fast.

She’s such a little mama.


I get all excited when I see blogger friends’ books for sale.

Like, I want to tell whoever is closest to me: “I know her!!!  Can you believe it?!  I’m so PROUD of her!!!!”

Maybe someday I’ll see a book of my own at Target.

Except I’d have to think of something to say first.

And find a babysitter to come move in for 6 months while I write.



Speaking of books, this girl is a bookworm.

Loves, loves, loves books.

Can’t find Jill?  Check the bookshelves throughout the house.

99.9999999% of the time she will be quietly perusing pages.

She got this Tag Reader for Christmas and loves it.  Such a great toy for kids with special needs.  Highly recommended.

Alright, it’s your turn!

Grab a button, link up, and visit each other!!!!


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  1. 1

    precious Lu at the sink, great shot. and the blogger’s books! i know i get so excited too! -you have a lot to say btw :) thanks for hosting. so happy to be linking up with you. xoxo
    krystina´s last blog post ..InstaFriday

  2. 2

    Love the mug. I have an old Ghostbusters birthday napkin that I cannot part with.
    seriously sassy mama´s last blog post ..Photos and Things

  3. 3

    Thank you, for your post yesterday. When I first saw the video on fb, I even shared it because I thought it was great. Until, I read your post and got a completely different perspective on it! I don’t think that the guy who made the video intended to be hurtful… but, I absolutely get what you said. A & F won’t be getting any of our money either way!

    The chicken coop! Holy cuteness!! Seriously, that’s adorable and I’d totally dress it up too a bit. Your kids are precious, always. So fun seeing Owen chowing down on the berries!
    Alyson @Vintage Sunshine´s last blog post ..five seventeen thirteen

  4. 4

    Haribo are the best gummi bears. Agreed. // Love the picture of Jilly with the bat. // And the chicken coop. // Have a great week! xo, ab
    Anne @ anne b. good´s last blog post week in review: 05/10-16

  5. 5

    aww i adore the photos of your littles. and the fact that you put bunting everywhere. that is just awesome.
    rachel @ my happily ever after´s last blog post ..instafriday

  6. 6

    haribo gummy bears are THE only gummy bears. i’m soooo happy someone else agrees! my hubby thinks i’m crazy. and i think i am going to move into your coop, chickens or no chickens. it is just so stinking cute!! have a great weekend!
    Suzanne´s last blog post ..TGIF

  7. 7

    My kid loves the vreader; anything that gets her reading I am all for. She likes to hold the books and ‘read’ the stories. I love her interpretations.

    Chicken coop – if I show that to my husband, I think he will buy one. Eeks! I’m debating which half of the yard to install an above ground veggie garden. I think the coop would be a nice addition AFTER LOL.