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I was invited to attend a family fun day  thing for Hyundai last Saturday.  We were even planning on leaving Owen and Jill home so that we could just let the Bigs run around and spend some special time with them.  (Although the Mama Guilt on that decision was INTENSE.)

At 1 am the night before, I saw Henry awake in the bathroom.  “I’m okay mom.  Go back to sleep.”

At 4am he came back in crying.  His eyes were glued shut and he had a fever.

“I tried to not wake you up because I didn’t want you to say that we couldn’t go to the family fun day!!!  Just give me some medicine…I’ll feel better and we can go?”

Poor kid.  I hate when his little heart gets broken like that.


Blogging is kind of a funny thing.

Because sometimes a sweet reader will win a gift basket.  And in that gift basket will be something you’ve blogged that you love.  And she will offer to mail it to you since she won’t use it herself.  And you beg her to keep it and use it.  But she says she won’t.

People are nice.  A lot nice.


Can we talk about boys for a second?

The bottom picture is of the soles of his shoes.  Shoes I bought around Christmas time.  The SECOND pair of shoes I’ve bought him since the school year started.  The white patches are PAPER thin.  Like, give it two more weeks and his socks would literally be peeking through.

So I bought him a THIRD new pair.  This time I spent a little bit more and got him actual skateboarder shoes.  My thought is that maybe they are made a  little more sturdy (skateboarders are HARD on shoes!), and will actually last longer.  I’ll let you know.  If not, we’re back to Target shoes.  Sorry kid.



Henry has been begging to try Turkish Delight ever since we started reading The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.

I asked my Facebook peeps where I would be able to find some and not have to order online and pay shipping and all that jazz.  You guys came through in droves!  It was awesome!  The next day I found some at TJMaxx.

On clearance.  For $2.50.  Which was precisely $2.50 more than it was worth.

I feel like everyone should try Turkish Delight.  And promptly spit it out.  Because it is nasty.  What’s it like, you ask?

It’s like an oversized gummy bear that you left in the hot car for three hours…that has been rolled in powdered sugar…and is flavored like rose.  Yes, roses.  No bueno.  Sorry British people.


Not nasty?

Cupcakes with sprinkles.  For breakfast.


My girls need new bedding like they need a hole in the head.  In fact, I love their bedding.

But really?  I feel like Lucy kinda needs that pink rose duvet with lime polka sheets…and Jill needs the rose duvet in blue with lavender polka sheets.

Not needs…but dang it would be cute.



Andy and I snuck out and went yard sale scouting again.  We don’t really do it very often…it kinda comes in fits and bursts.

My kids love to dress up, so we snag any old Halloween costumes we can find.  $2 a piece.  Done.


He’s kind of annoying.

But how mad can I be at that face???  This boy slays me.  I’m done for.


See?  Anything he wants.  All the time.  Forever.

I just want to eat him up.


So, I’m at Mom 2.0 right now.  But the first event didn’t begin until 7 pm so we squeezed in a trip to Disneyland.

It was HOOOOOOT.  Melting in my flip flops hot.

But it’s Disneyland.  So it pretty much rocks.
And they have fountains to play in.

How bad can it be?

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  1. 1

    Shoes and jeans. My boy went through jeans like crazy. I’d put patches on the patches. Now he’s going through jeans like crazy because he is out growing them. I’m like, really? You grew three inches since December? How bout we start a trend of boy-capris? That’s what I do with my girls when they out grow their pants. Somehow I don’t think that’ll work so well for boys. Have fun at Mom 2.0. xo, ab
    Anne @ anne b. good´s last blog post week in review: 4/26-5/2

  2. 2
    Robin C. says:

    My kid used to skateboard too and went through shoes like crazy (even the expensive skateboard shoes). Buy SHOE GOO – it’s a clear like gel that you smear over the toe and sole areas that wear away. I think we bought it at Target (try the shoe dept.) It dries overnight and becomes hard but not brittle. When it wears off, apply more. It will help them last a little longer.

  3. 3

    That pottery barn catalog just about killed me. The pages and pages of bedroom goodness were almost too much for my heart to handle. Or my husbands paycheck for that matter!
    Amy´s last blog post ..IG {all about the girls}

  4. 4
    D Money says:

    I am mom to two boys and a total cheap skate, but I have no reservations splurging on sneakers. When I would buy the “off-brands” it seemed like I was buying new ones every other month and in turn spending even more money than if I just purchased a really good pair. Enjoy your getaway!

  5. 5

    I need to know where you got those star wars lego pajamas!!!!
    Kirsten´s last blog post ..I blinked

  6. 6

    Bedding is one of my favorite things to look at it… It can change the look of an entire room. Is it mostly over priced… Yes. But still pretty! ;)
    Kassi @ Truly Lovely´s last blog post ..Fancy This Fridays 125 and Features!

  7. 7

    What?!?!? Turkish Delight! Yummy! You probably got a crummy box… Turkish Delight is actually from …. Turkey. My neighbor is Armenian and educated me. I love the stuff.

    Oh, the joy of buying shoes for a growing boy. My brother lived with me from the age of 14 to 16. I was 1) buying shoes every few months and 2) paying out the nose for groceries. Good luck!


  8. 8

    What do you use to post your instagram photos on your blog?

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