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We decided to all head out first thing Saturday morning to peruse some yard sales as a family.

We weren’t really looking for anything in particular (except maybe a big desk), but it’s fun to go treasure hunting.

Our spoils that morning were meager.  But Dad surprised the kids with a trip to the donut shop where they could pick out their own donut.  Dads are fun.

Even O-Bo got a donut hole.  This is SO fourth kid.  With Henry, I would have FLIPPED.  “HE CAN”T HAVE ANY SUGAR OR ANYTHING THAT ISN’T ORGANIC FREE RANGE ALL NATURAL BPA FREE!!!”

Now I’m all…Here’s a donut hole, kid. That’s good stuff, huh?


O to the Bo had a doctor appointment this week.

Appointments with him are so easy and bizarre to me.

Between Henry’s heart issue and Jill’s CP and epilepsy, pediatrician appointments have always been long and filled with lots of follow up appointments with specialists.

Now, it’s like “He’s totally fine.  He’s a shrimp.  Have a nice day.”

That’s IT???!!!  Whoa.

(Lucy had no medical problems, but we always did back to back appointments with the girls so she is kinda lumped in with Jill.  Twin curse.)


Speaking of Lucy, her favorite thing is putting Snow White to sleep.

I don’t know if Snow White is actually sleeping or playing dead in hopes of being let go, but we’ll go with the sweeter alternative.


One of my new favorite things to do is listen to the Simple Mom podcasts while I’m folding laundry or doing some mindless task like cutting 8,762 felt triangles.

It’s just simple and fun conversations, nothing heavy (usually).  It’s kinda like I’m going to pretend coffee with the girls.


I took a nap in the sunshine, on a quilt, on green grass this week.

And by nap I mean I laid on the grass while Owen was upstairs sleeping, the big kids were wrestling in the trampoline, and Jill was covering me with 250 little happy face stickers.

Still, it was nice.


Then the baby woke up and I gave them all a snack of organic frozen blueberries.

To make up for the donut holes.

I had put a crystal growing tree science experiment thing in Henry’s Easter bucket.  I had low expectations being that I bought it at the dollar store.

But lo and behold, it worked!  Pretty impressive for a buck.


She’s so fabulous she doesn’t even know it.

I feel like this picture is like an artsy fashion magazine photo.

And how great is that hair clip?  Mendi from Naptime Creations sent my girls a bunch of different flower clips and a couple of headbands.  My favorite are the felt flowers, but Lucy insisted on this purple rag flower today.  (You can follow them on FB for periodic discounts and updates!) IMG_4398

This kid.  Didn’t even care.

He’s pretty awesome.


And, yet another chicken pic.

Abbie is obsessed with the chickens.  I’m forever yelling at her “Leave the poor chickens alone!  Give them some space you dumb dog!”

And then yesterday, when I had her on a down stay, I realized that the chickens were all crowding around her, and at one point Elsie actually cuddled up next to her and went to sleep.

Animals are weird.

We just have to keep our eyes peeled that Optimus doesn’t come slinking around while the chicks are out.  Pretty sure he wouldn’t be so obliging.

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  1. 1

    Your kiddos are all gorgeous, as always. Love the donut hole story. So very true though. haha! I’m jealous of your nap in the sun and your chickens. Our city just passed an ordinance to allow chickens as long as our immediate neighbors say “ok”, but getting my husband to say ok is the hard part! I’m anxious to see how much you love them once they’re bigger. Enjoy your weekend!
    Alyson @Vintage Sunshine´s last blog post ..four twenty six thirteen

  2. 2

    I can so relate to your 1st child vs. youngest child feeding habits. Lol. As a first child myself, I swore I wouldn’t be any different with my younger kids. But. It just happens. The Birth Order Theory really is true after all. // I want chickens. // Those kids of yours are cuties. // Looks like you had a wonderful week. Have a great weekend. xo, ab
    Anne @ anne b. good´s last blog post week in review: 4/19-25

  3. 3

    mini-jg in the house!

  4. 4

    I cannot believe that Owen is going all down that slide like a big kid!! My girl will be 12 months next week and there is no way she would be able to do that. :)
    Brittnie (A Joy Renewed)´s last blog post ..Life With An Eating Disorder: Never stop fighting


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