Happy Friday, friends!

I’m looking forward to the weekend.

This week was long and fairly exhausting.  A couple of days with Dad home sounds lovely.


This boy continues to kill me with his cuteness.

He is also killing me with his getting-into-everythingness too.

It’s kinda funny to hear the others suddenly yell “Stop it O-Bo!  No!  You can’t have the puzzle piece!  Mooooom….O-Bo is bothering meeeeeeee!!!!!”

When I come to rescue them, they typically give him a little grin, a pat on the head and a kiss for good measure.  They adore him and it’s my favorite thing to see.  Even when he’s getting into their stuff.


I believe this is called the Mom Is A Sucker entry.

I picked him up from school with his gear already in the back and surprised him with a trip to the skate park.  It was cold and dreary and I had cabin fever.  So the girls and I ate cookies and wandered around the mall while H did his thang.


Lisa’s talents never cease to amaze me.

She has a new infinity bracelet (and the necklace too!) that is just so pretty.

My little sister has an affinity for infinity (see how clever that was?)…so I gave it to her…but now I kinda want it back.  I do that all the time with gifts…buy stuff that I just want to keep.  And sometimes I do!  Shhh…


We did some pruning in our yard and I picked up a couple of containers of ladybugs…”Mommy they’re so silly!  They are on top of each other!!!”  “Why yes, Lucy…they are.  Let’s leave them alone.  They could use the privacy.”

Ah, Spring.  The season when funny questions are asked of unsuspecting parents everywhere.


I’m so glad to have this smile back.

Even if it has a scabby nose from her fall.

And looooots of green snot this week.

Seriously, is this the craziest germ/cold/flu season that ever existed in the history of all time?  Because it feels like we have had SOMETHING for months.  Not always serious…but man…I feel like I should get Kleenex to sponsor my blog pretty soon.


We have the ittiest bittiest teeniest tiniest Natural History Museum in our town.

It’s in a little old house and is basically just lots and lots of taxidermy.

It was cute.  But I’m glad it was free, you know?


Something you should know about me: when I decide I want to do something, I go full tilt.  100%.  All in.  It’s a sickness.

Right now I’m in the Research Phase of my journey.  I realize that I can probably Google around for free, but sometimes that just overwhelms the heck out of me.  Plus, this way I can highlight and star and underline.  I love the Dummies series.  Easy, light hearted reads that are surprisingly thorough.  I have a few of these on different topics and have loved them all.

This bookcame last night and I’m really excited to sit down today and start going through it.  Now I’m fighting the urge to buy a big, fancy composter.  Because that’s part of my “do it all the way” problem.  I know I don’t NEED a $100+ composter (as many of you informed me when I asked on my FB page)…but it feels more official that way.  A sickness.

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  1. 1

    Hey Jeanett! You should check out this is a company in Paso Robles, my Dad owns. It might be a perfect way to get into gardening! He also has a hydroponics version which is self-watering – perfect for those of us that never remember to water!
    Leah @ Floral+Ivory´s last blog post ..InstaFriday

  2. 2

    We have the same situation (as your lady bugs) every spring but with some toads. I told them it was how the leap frog game was invented. My daughter replied ” he’s not very good at it, he’s supposed to jump over”……
    Mari´s last blog post ..The Day Addison Was Taken to School by the Police

  3. 3

    Your little fella sure is a doll! Love the leg rolls!

  4. 4

    I need that book! Every year I try to have a garden, and I do manage to harvest a few veggies, but it really is a sad thing to see, my harvest. I have a hard time growing houseplants, too. Which, if you see my thumbnail for the instafriday link up, you’ll see that I was very excited to discover that I can actually grow something without any effort at all. And I’m going with it. Yes, my onions are now my houseplant. // Your kids are so precious, Jeannett. Have a great weekend. xo, ab.
    Anne´s last blog post ..<< my weeek in review: 2/15-21

  5. 5

    We compost behind our garage. We tried bins but nothing worked well. Old fashioned method of dig, pile, toss, wet down, repeat seems to be working. We compost our kitchen scraps. Works out pretty well.

    Good luck on your gardening adventure. I go whole hog, myself.


  6. 6

    THIS; It was cute. But I’m glad it was free, you know?

    and THIS I realize that I can probably Google around for free, but sometimes that just overwhelms the heck out of me. Plus, this way I can highlight and star and underline.
    Luann´s last blog post ..cell phone pics in reveiw

  7. 7

    That little guy! Ack! Looks like a nice week; so glad your daughter is doing better. Thanks for hosting!
    Ellie´s last blog post ..Insta-Friday! Reunited

  8. 8

    Looks like a fun week! I love the ladybug photo, ladybugs are so pretty :) Thanks for hosting the link-up I got my recent instagrams linked up!!
    Linda´s last blog post ..Project Life 2013: Week 6


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