Simplicity captured.

With nothing but a cell phone.

It’s what we do on Fridays in These Parts.


Brrrrrr. I said it’s cold in here!

While I normally dislike cold weather, it finally gave me a chance to wear my grandpa’s old coat.

He called this his McQueen jacket.  Because he thought it looked like something Steve McQueen would wear.  Which is hysterical to me.  My grandpa could hardly speak more than ten words of English and yet, he had an affinity for this pop culture icon.  Cracks me up.  So random.

Wearing his old coat made me realize how much I missed him.


I wore it again the next morning on some yard sale adventures.

Grandpa’s McQueen jacket.  Hot coffee in a blue glitter mug.  ZERO kids.  Mumford on full blast.

Oh sweet manna from Heaven!

Simple pleasures my friends.  Simple pleasures.


My yard sale spoils were mediocre, but I did get the kids some great classic books for 25 cents a piece!

I had most of these as a kid.

Nostalgia is rich right here.

My personal favorite: The Day Jimmy’s Boa Ate the Wash.


Have I mentioned I like this kid?

My productivity level is seriously in the basement.

I can’t help but just want to squish him.  All that laundry and vacuuming junk can wait.

Plus his shirt says Pork Bun.  I mean REALLY.


It takes every ounce of my willpower to not go into the kids’ rooms and just fix their beds real quick after they’ve “made them”.

The fact that they are lumpy and dumpy and catywompus gives me anxiety.


Someone once said (and I can’t remember who)…that you shouldn’t go in and straighten a little one’s bed after they’ve made it.  Because there will come a day when it isn’t all wrinkly and wonky anymore…and you will be sad that day.

So I try to embrace the wonky.

I like them little.


Sass to spare.

She’s fabulous and she knows it.

What more is there to say?


These two.

It truly deserves its own post.

But I will just say that no one can get this boy to giggle like his big sister.

They like each other.  A lot.


And yes, another O-Bo picture.

It happens.

In this case, an obscenely happily colorful catalog and a goofy, smiley boy made my afternoon awesome.

Even if the boy has a bruise on his forehead because he rolled right into the coffee table.

Meh.  Fourth kid.

Also, I want that headboard.

No…I need that headboard.  Times a million.  Think I can find it on Craigslist?

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  1. 1

    I’m up today :)
    shannon´s last blog post ..Insta-Friday

  2. 2

    love that picture of your little man on the quilt!

    also linking up for insta-friday :-)
    elizabeth´s last blog post ..high five for insta-friday

  3. 3

    here is mine!
    Your kids are super adorable!
    Nancy´s last blog post ..It’s Friday again!

  4. 4

    I’m not seeing the place to link up this morning, but I am joining in!

  5. 5
  6. 6

    Friday’s my favorite day! Your little boy is just precious…and Jilly’s tights! Too cute!

  7. 7

    Ahh man, not seeing the linkup and I FINALLY remembered to do my post!

    Maybe that will count!

  8. 8

    Thanks for doing this! I love your quilt that your Pork Bun was laying on!

  9. 9

    What a great coat! I love sentimental pieces like that. :) And could your kids get any cuter? That quilt he is laying on is so beautiful! Linking up…thanks for hosting!
    mandy @ this girl’s life´s last blog post ..{instagram friday}

  10. 10

    I love the colors of your quilts. So happy, those colors. // I’m so glad I’m not the only one who bought things at garage sales that reminded me of my childhood. But then my kids were never really interested in the old toys I played with. O well. It was fun for me to relive my childhood and use them as an excuse! :) // You should come visit us in MN if you want to wear your Steve McQueen jacket more… ha! Actually… that is one of the things I like about winter… all the fun winter accessories. (Not to mention they cover my extra poundage better than summer stuff). // Have a great week! xo,ab
    Anne @ anne b. good´s last blog post ..<< my week in review: 1/11-17

  11. 11

    Seriously. Pork bun describes him deliciously. I cannot get enough pics of him — he is adorable!!!!
    And um, I’ll take your “cold” weather any day. We’re slated to have some -20 and -30 (that’s 20 below zero) next week. For realz.

  12. 12

    Love the grandpa coat!!! It is amazing how somethings can bring them back to us isn’t it?
    Oh, and seriously cuteness going on with the two sweet kiddos. I mean, come on, adorable!
    melody´s last blog post ..what’s on my phone? :)

  13. 13

    Those quilts are too cute! I’ve been wanting to make a quilt for a while now, but first I need to take the sewing machine out of the box and figure out how to use it!
    laura b´s last blog post ..Friday Wrap (InstaFriday)

  14. 14

    I basically love your quilts :)

  15. 15

    love your pix! your kids are adorable…and what great book finds….we SO love “I Was So Mad” by Mercer Mayer…happy weekend!
    melodee@polkadotnotebook´s last blog post ..instafriday

  16. 16

    Thanks for hosting, Jeanette! Love the story about your coat. Have a good weekend!
    Ellie´s last blog post ..Insta-Friday Lucky 13

  17. 17

    I bet you could make that headboard. In your free time LOL

    I love how your little guy photo bombs. Mad moves, boyo, mad moves.

    Grandpas’ jacket is awesome. And very McQueen. I heart me some McQueen, myself, and have a poster from his movie, The Great Escape, up in my cubicle at work.

    And quilts. Are. Awesome.

    Have a groovy weekend,

  18. 18

    I feel the same way about their beds. It’s hard not to straighten them, but I know it can be a little defeating when someone “redoes” your work. Thanks for putting together Instafriday.

  19. 19

    Well, they don’t have nearly as many colors/choices but skyline furniture (sold on Amazon, Walmart, Joss & Main) makes some nice tufted headboards for a fraction of the price.

    If you search for skyline furniture online you’ll find it everywhere. Also, this is the brand that is sold under Nate Berkus’ name on HSN (or QVC).

  20. 20

    Look at YOU skinny minnie!!! Wow, and I’m still trying to shed years of pregnancy pounds. Lookin’ good ; )
    Kerry @ Made For Real´s last blog post ..pie dish brownies