Christmas 2012

Gearing up for Christmas was extra fun this year.

The kids are all getting old enough to understand that it’s coming…what it is…and to be excited for it.

Plus, I think we scored on their gifts this year and I couldn’t wait to see them open them up.


As is tradition every year, they get new jammies on Christmas Eve.

While this is a completely unflattering picture of me, I love the expressions captured.  Henry in particular is getting to an age where he doesn’t quite know what to do with his emotions.  He gets embarrassed now when he cries and tries to hold it in…and even being overly excited leaves him a little uncomfortable.  We took video of the kids coming down the stairs, and in it you can hear him saying “I keep laughing and I don’t know why!”  He’s growing up.  Sadness.


Santa gifts are unwrapped.  And this year, names were typed out.  Because a certain five year old is liable to recognize his mother’s handwriting.

Lucy got a new bike.  A pink one.  She has been using her brother’s hand me down bike…a boy bike with a rocket on it.  Which is totally fine, but she’s gotten too tall for it.  A pink bike with sparkly doohickys coming out of the handles is REALLY exciting.  Especially when you’ve been rolling in a blue and red bike for the last year.


Santa brought Jilly a keyboard.  This girl looooves music.  Loves.  Busts a move in elevators.  She cannot contain herself.

Quick side story: a few months ago, I was pushing her in a cart through the Walmart parking lot.  A couple of dudes in a lowered, convertible glitterific car with giant rims drove by blaring Snoop Dogg.  Now, I don’t know for sure, but the shaved heads, clothing, and neck tattoos gave me the impression that they were gang members.  Call me crazy.

Upon hearing the thumping of old skool Snoop, my blonde, blue eyed, pig tailed charge threw her hands up in the air and BUSTED it.  Haaaaard.

The guys slowed down next to us…laughed…and yelled “Go little mama!  Yeah!”

She just grinned at them and they rolled away smiling.


Like I said, girl likes herself some music.


O to the Bo wore his daddy’s Christmas jammies.

Andy wore them 32 years ago.  Andy’s brother wore them 28 years ago.  Graeme wore them 24 years ago.  Nelle wore them 21 years ago.  Tess wore them 19 years ago.  Henry wore them 5 years ago.

Now I gotta be sure and not lose them for the next round of kids.  PRESSURE.


The Christmas chaos.  A full house.  Crazyness.  It’s how we do.



I still can’t decide what color this boy’s eyes are going to be.  Brown?  Green?


I love this picture.  It’s off center and seemingly random.  But I love it.  All three.  Christmas jammies.  Messy piggies.


And upon going through all of my pictures, it appears that Jill took claim of Christmas ham this year.


Dear Disney, I realize Lucy is really tall for her age, but the packaging that says these dresses are 2T-4T is a LIAR.


Jill got one too.


I mean, it’s even kinda short on Jill.  And she’s a shrimp.  These dresses have been worn pretty much every day since.

With leggings underneath.


Wooden mixers for our play kitchen?  Yesssss.


Nelle got a Forever Lazy.  And was unreasonably excited about it.


She’s fabulous.  It’s whatevs.


Books about dinosaurs, snakes, sharks, and bugs?  Score.


Note that Jill and Tess have the same exact hair color.  When we go out in public everyone just assumes she’s their kid and not mine.  Weird.




DJ Jilly in da hizzouse, dropping the mad beats y’all.


Henry got his new fake Penny board.  Which he immediately knew was fake because it didn’t have  “P” on the bottom.

You’re FIVE kid.  No brands for you.  Get over it.

Also, rainboots may not be the best choice.  Then again, I’m just the mom.  Clearly I don’t know anything.


Also?  HELMET!!!!

Santa brought a ramp with the FAKE board.

If you look close, you can see Andy climbing up on the ladder…to get the remote control helicopter that got stuck on the roof in ten seconds flat.

Wouldn’t be Christmas without someone climbing up on the roof now would it?



Santa found a dolly bike seat.  Obvs.


So there you have it.

Our Christmas.  Loud.  Crazy.  Chaotic.  Full.  Happy.  Love.

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  1. 1

    looks like a great Christmas! I love that you had to have Santa type out the names:) haha!
    melodee´s last blog post ..tamales

  2. 2


  3. 3

    Headphones for her keyboard! That is genius….adding that to my target list asap. I’ve listened to the “joyful noise” coming from my little’s new keyboard for eight days and now it’s just noise.

    And it is not just your children, those dresses are miniskirts on mine and I bought them big to fit over their clothes. Thankfully it is too cold to wear them in public at the moment.

  4. 4

    loved this post.
    one of my faves of all time.
    happy new year, friend!
    amy jupin´s last blog post ..2013.

  5. 5

    What a wonderful chaos! :) I love the pic of the whole family sitting down in the living room (I guess that’s a living room! :)) and enjoying their x-mas time. It looks exactly how it should look!
    And oh my – a dolly bike seat? I love this! Will get for my niece for the next time:)
    Alexandra´s last blog post ..Choosing a name for your baby

  6. 6

    Beautiful. I love Christmas mornings like that.

  7. 7

    I absolutely love the story of your daughter and the gangsters. Dying over that mental image… too cute!
    Kristina´s last blog post ..Happy New Year!!!

  8. 8

    Looks perfect!!