Little moments that make up our lives.

Taking a few seconds to capture them…I’m always so amazed at our week when I put this post together.

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We finally thought to pull the bouncer thingout of the garage for Owen.  We bought it when Henry was a baby and all of our kids have used it.

It’s basically one of those Johnny Jumper things, but since we don’t have frames around our doorways, this one stands alone.

He had a blast.  And then tuckered out.

This kid slays me.

Also ready to kill me is the renewed interest in trains.

Henry was obsessed with all things Thomas when he was 2…then he kinda forgot all about them…and honestly, if it weren’t for the fact that we have Owen, I probably would have sold/given them away by now.

But suddenly he’s back into them.  And apparently the only proper place to create elaborate track is in the main walkway through the house.  Alllll the way from the front door to the kitchen.


 Our mantle is finally complete.

I love the six stockings.

I love that it is finally done.

I’m kind of a purist when it comes to decorating…and it looks exactly the same year after year.  Once I find a display I like, I stick with it.  I wish I was more adventurous like some of my friends who change their bookshelves around on a somewhat monthly basis.  But I’m not.  So this is pretty much the mantle scene you will see every year until the end of time.

(And thanks to Julie for the banner inspiration!)

Did I mention that I love this little face?

He is my smiliest baby to date.

Not that my other kids were grumps…just that you had to WORK to get a grin.

This guy?  Rocks that smile all. the. time.

Sweet Stephanie sent me one of her prints last week.

It is so gorgeous.

I can’t wait to get it up in the kids’ bathroom.  I have a whole gallery of awesome prints I need to put up.  But I’m kinda wanting to “remodel” it first…

If you give a mouse a cookie…

I went on and on last week about how I haven’t had a migraine in a while…


Yeah, the very. next. day.

This is Survival Mode: Kids piled on mom’s bed…Lu on the iPad watching Netflix and the baby playing with whatever will keep him happy for the moment while mommy lays there as still as possible.

Thank goodness the other two were at school.  I might have died if all four were home that day.

Andy is part owner in an aerospace engineering company and it was their Christmas party the other night.

To change it up and make it a little different than the average Christmas soiree (and to keep people safe in case they chose to drink), they decided to rent a party bus.

It was very Klassy.  Flashing and gyrating neon lights.  Curvyesque seating.  And a “stability pole”.

They sanitize it between every group.  I asked.  Seriously.

I felt kinda blah at the party.  Not horrible, but just…not myself.

I thought maybe it was because of the migraine I had the day before…still lingering or something.

Yesterday I felt puny.  And I was FREEZING.  And ohmygoodness my back was ACHING.

By the end of the day I finally thought “Oh wait…maybe I should check my temperature?”

Not awesome.

On the bright side, I woke up this morning in a puddle of my own sweat so I feel like a million bucks.

I should probably shower soon.


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  1. 1

    A stability pole. That’s hilarious. Also hilarious is that you asked if they sanitize it. That is totally something I would be wondering the whole time. // Love your mantel. Stick with what you love.
    Anne @ anne b. good´s last blog post ..<< my week in review: 12/7-13

  2. 2

    i’m so sorry you feel yuck! but on the bright side, i think your banner over your mantle is the prettiest i’ve ever seen! soooo pretty!

    lindsey – the pleated poppy´s last blog post ..the 12 deals of christmas – day ten

  3. 3

    I adore your mantel! I’m definitely an advocate for keeping it simple/the same every year.

  4. 4

    FYI: at first glance, I thought that thermometer was A PREGNANCY TEST!

  5. 5

    Yana has been adopted!!! YIPPEE!
    molly´s last blog post ..School Pictures

    • 6

      I saw that this morning too!
      But…she hasn’t officially been adopted yet.
      My (elementary) understanding of the process in Eastern Europe is that no child is “reserved” for a family. But, a family out there has begun the (lengthy) process with the intention of bringing HER home. There is still much work to be done, multiple trips across the globe to be had, and likely months (or even years) before she will be home. But a family is rallying and praying and waiting for our girl. And that is AMAZING.

  6. 7

    Sleeping babies are the sweetness.

    I never understood why my kids played with their most painful toys in the walkway. Hmmmm….

    Ummm… “Stability Pole”? Wow.
    Daenel T @ Living Outside the Stacks´s last blog post ..December Photo A Day {InstaFriday}

  7. 8

    The first picture of Owen is amazing. Love it.
    Mari´s last blog post ..InstaFriday {on Sunday}