Owen’s Dedication

Owen had his baby dedication on Sunday.

I have never been so nervous in my LIFE.

You see, the whole family goes up to the front of the church while the pastor prays over you.

The. whole. family.

Like, all four kids five years and under.

Hold me.

We bribed, threatened and begged with the bigs.

They had to be quiet.  No making noise.  No crying.  No whining.  No jumping around.  No playing.

The good news is that they were quiet.

They didn’t climb all over the stage like we demanded.

They didn’t chase eachother around.

They didn’t sneak up and try to bang on the drums.

They didn’t jump off the stairs.

Success, right?

No.  Because we are the Gibsons.  And that would just be much too boring.

Let’s just say that I came home to a flurry of emails from friends who should have had their heads bowed and eyes closed and praying…but instead were snapping pictures from their cell phones.

Ahem.  Yes, Lindsey.  I’m talking to you.

Now before we begin I want you to scroll back up to that first picture.

Take note of the computer monitor in the front pew.  It’s in the lower right hand corner of the photo.

Because it’s important to the story.

I want to throw that computer monitor off a cliff.

It all started out okay.

The kids stood there.

Lucy did a little twirl in her dress, but nothing serious.

And then…Henry made a discovery.

He saw the computer monitor.

The one that shows the video feed that is being captured.

The one that plays back every move and wiggle he makes.

The computer monitor that shows when he’s making monster growling faces.

This is just too good.

He just HAD to tell his sister about it.

And it all just goes downhill from here my friends.

Lucy experimented by waving.  Isn’t that just the funnest ever?

I could feel Henry tugging on me, but I didn’t know why.

Because, you know, I was trying to pray and all.

And he was quiet.  So it couldn’t be too bad, right?

And what do we do when we see ourselves in a computer monitor?

Make faces.

Point and wiggle.

Stick out our tongues.


The funny thing was that while I could certainly tell Henry was wiggling and squirming, I didn’t realize for one second that they were making tongue tacos and assorted faces at the entire congregation.

Okay, at the computer monitor, but still.

Lucky for us, most people were praying and didn’t see it.

But my sweet friends were busy snickering, giggling and photographing my insane children.

Because those are the kind of friends I have.

So there you have it.

Proof that bloggers don’t have perfect lives with perfectly behaved children with everything all staged and neat and clean.

At least not this blogger.



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  1. 1
    Betsy Scalzo says:

    This just cracked me up! Cherish the moments they disappear way to fast! Still have not met that little prince in person! Maybe out paths will cross soon.

  2. 2

    The important thing is that YOU looked fabulous and the baby wasn’t crying during the blessing! How did you already lose the baby weight?

    • 3

      Thanks, but I still have another 25 (okay, 30) pounds to go! I’ve been fortunate that nursing my babies has always made the weight come off fairly quickly…plus Owen can’t tolerate dairy in my diet so all the best and most amazing (and fatty) foods are off limits. Boo.

  3. 4

    bahaha! But they were quiet!!! ;)
    Suzanne´s last blog post ..Sunday Joy

  4. 5
    Carrie R. says:

    LOL, that’s hilarious. I love that your friends got pictures of it. That will make some good memories. By the way, you look good. I love your outfit. :o)

  5. 6

    Oh goodness. It’s so much more fun than quiet and still though right?!
    Mari´s last blog post ..My Lobster

  6. 7

    At least they were quiet so not everyone saw, right? We always sat in the front row as my parents thought it would keep us more focused–when my sister was little, she walked up to the front during the sermon, lifted her dress, and spun around a few times. Don’t worry, it happens to many–blame it on the captive audience (:
    Barbara´s last blog post ..5 Years

  7. 8

    That is my favorite part of baby dedications at the church I attend…the silly siblings…so cute..lol.
    Sarah´s last blog post ..Good Morning Monday!

  8. 9

    *gales of cackling laughter*

    Oh boy, you do have some weird friends!
    Kara´s last blog post ..Crafty itch scratched again! – Tutorial

  9. 10

    Kirsten´s last blog post ..Yoooohooooo….

  10. 11

    Rofl, children will be children. Hahahahaha (btw this is why i read your blog, your writing makes me roll)

  11. 12

    1st, the picture of Owen is adorable – the picture perfect baby face :) 2nd, I love your kids, and so would my kids. You are very lucky they were doing this quietly though! My 3 yr old would be all “Look it Alex, I’m shaking my booty!” So there’s something to be thankful for :)

  12. 13

    Adorable and hilarious. Of course, it’s more adorable when it’s someone else’s kids, right? ;)

  13. 14

    Does Grace have that on video? Because that would be awesome. I don’ t remember them having that when I went there!

  14. 15

    oh my goodness. so hilarious. and think of the memories this will provide. never to be forgotten ;) Oh, and Owen is adorable.
    emily hope´s last blog post ..hello monday

  15. 16

    That is just too precious! Little ones sure are priceless.
    brittany´s last blog post ..recipe: chicken tamale casserole

  16. 17

    Too funny! I love that your friends were snapping pictures. That is definitely something I would do. And laugh and laugh! People understand, those of us with kids anyway. These are the memory making moments, cherish them. :)
    Verna Lantz´s last blog post ..Ornament Swap

  17. 18

    So lovely, brings back wonderful memories of my own kiddo’s dedication.
    Adventuresindinner´s last blog post ..Who’s Martha?

  18. 19

    this is everything i love about kids. church. and your family. hahahaha.

    i’m SO glad you have this documented for posterity.

  19. 20

    sorry. kind of ;)