Hello Monday

I’m linking up with my friend Lisa Leonard today for Hello Mondays.  She also happens to make gorgeous and personalized jewelry.  If you’ve been meaning to get yourself a piece, she is offering 20% off her entire shop with code labordaylove AND there are select pieces marked down 20%…which means you can get some great stuff for up to 40% off!!!!  I know, right?!

I was scrolling through my photo files the other day and was surprised by how many images I had of shoes and feet.  Surprised because I kinda hate feet.  And surprised because of the stories those particular images told.  Join me?

Hello yellow chucks on chubby baby legs.

Hello  sandals that are four and a half sizes apart.  For twin sisters who are as different as their shoes sizes suggest.

Hello walks on the pier.

Hello camo shoes at the park on a lazy afternoon.

Hello happy new sunshiney splurges for mama.

Hello brothers and sisters playing in the rain.

Hello sassy rainbow tights and rainboots at the pediatrician.

Hello Rainbow sandalsyou’ll find on our feet 99.9% of the time.

Hello sweet painted piggies in the emergency room after giving her mama and daddy quite the scare.

Hello getting comfortable at the basketball game with Daddy.

Hello freshly showered, all clean, pajama cozied tootsies ready to cuddle on the couch with mama for some one on one time and Beauty and the Beast.

Hello little toes that were feverish for four days straight and then got better when we walked through the doctor’s door.

Hello pink cowboy boots at the emergency room.  Again.

Hello fun green wedges nervous about speaking at a conference.

Hello pink glitter that makes mamas feel better about things she shouldn’t have ever been worried about.

Hello baby Havainas on sister #1.

Hello there again on sister #2.

Hello 6 am donut dates with mommy.

Hello birthday celebrating on the the beach with a boy I love more than ever.

Hello swinging tootsies off the trampoline edge while eating snow cones after nap.

Hello craziest princess ever.

Hello nine months pregnant and wishing for contractions.  And getting none.

Hello sand stress and anxiety.  Panic.

Hello little boys who have opinions and requests suddenly.

Hello forty kid piggies that make the mama piggies so happy they hurt.

Take a look at your photo files…I bet you’ll find quite the story too!

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    Rainbow Sandals are my absolute favorite. And that last photo?! The best!
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