Velcro Baby

I have four kids.

I feel like I’ve been there, done that, got the T-shirt.

Heck, I’ve done two babies at the exact same time!

In lots of ways, this whole one baby gig is a breeze.

But…God has a great sense of humor.  And just when you think you got something under control, God likes to punk you.

You know, just to remind you that control is something you have none of.

Enter Owen.

Owen who is still a rockstar at night and only wakes once, eats, and goes right back to sleep.

Owen who is the spitting image of his brother as a baby.

Owen who…

is utterly, unabashedly, ridiculously, unapologetically obsessed with ME.

This kid will not tolerate another human being for even ten seconds.

He wants to be held.  All the time.  24/7.  Never ceasing.

Lots of babies are like that.  In fact, I think my girls went through phases like that too.

But in O’s case, only Mama will suffice.

Since the day he came out of the womb. This is not a new development.

Not aunts.  Not cousins.  Not grandmas.  And no, not even Dad.

I think he’s even kinda hurting people’s feelings.

He goes into that wild hysteria pterodactyl scream within seconds.

And it’s not because he wants to nurse…because the millisecond I touch him…he stops screeching.

Like a little cute (and slightly obnoxious) light switch.

And he looks at me with those big eyes and is all like “Dude.  Where’d you go?  Don’t do that again.  I will pull rank.  Don’t test me.”

I’ve had help here since Andy’s been out of town on business the last two weeks, so I’ve been able to accommodate the little Diva’s demands.

Bu I’m a bit concerned when, you know, real life kicks in and I’m here solo and things need to get done…you know, like wiping little rear ends and making sandwiches and maybe, just maybe…taking a shower.

He will live in his Ergo a lot.

And I think he might just have to do his best impression of a pterodactyl too.

Please tell me this is a phase.

Please tell me he’ll outgrow it in…oh, I don’t know…tomorrow.

Because I have never ever had such a clingy child…and now I feel like a newbie at this whole mom thing again.

Oh, and he eats.

A lot.  A lot.  A lot.

I’m scurrrred for our food bill when he’s a teen.

Not even kidding.

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I'm a mom to four. A wife to one. I believe in story. I love telling you about mine and would love to hear yours. There's really no sense in wasting our suffering and not sharing in each other's joy. We're all in this together...even if it doesn't always feel like it.

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  1. 1

    My 2nd was like that until she was about 30 months old. THIRTY MONTHS. Good luck darlin’! I tried to convince her I wasn’t THAT great, but she wasn’t buying it.
    Jenny from Mommin’ It Up´s last blog post ..The Five Stages of Road Trip

    • 2

      you are not helping. just saying.

      • 3

        Not helping-but my 4 month old daughter is the exact same way. Except she doesn’t sleep. Ever. Like not once did I lay her down yesterday. Never. The bright side-at least he is a rock star sleeper! :) Ellary lives in the sling/ergo. My house is a disaster. Oh well…they are only little for a short time. :)
        Kelly´s last blog post ..The "Mac-Ti Bridge"

  2. 4

    My four month old was like that for about the first three months. She wouldn’t even sleep anywhere but in my arms during the day. Occasionally, I could sneak her into her bouncer so I could grab a shower. She spent a ton of time in her Ergo. Thankfully, she would sleep in her bed just fine at night. She is beginning to outgrow it finally, but is still a mama’s girl when we are out in public and she is being held by others (which I am kind of okay with!). She’ll nap in her bed now and is perfectly content playing on the blanket on the floor especially now that is she rolling and mobile. Hope it gets better soon!
    Joni´s last blog post ..InstaFriday

  3. 5

    I’ll tell you it’s a phase, but will that really help? I mean I ALWAYS want to hear that behavior X in child #Y is a phase, and it always is, but the whammie about motherhood is once you defy all odds and heroically overcome that phase, (which you will because as a mom you actually do have superpowers), POW! a new phase will lay you out.

    My oldest had a clingy phase which was mercifully short lived. But that ended and he began the “I can’t poop unless I’m clinging to your leg. And my poop smells like normal poop that died and rotted and then died again” phase. And when that ended we had the “I will NOT lay still while you change said diaper” phase. (begin banging head on wall here…)

    Throw in a couple other kids and we’re just playing whack-a-mole with phases.

    Hmm, this hasn’t turned out to be particularly reassuring comment, huh? And I have no advice at all. My youngest just ended up having to shriek his disapproval for a bit once life become such that I couldn’t hold him a lot. He is better now, if that helps.

    Sooooo, I hope this particular phase is short lived and that your next one is more along the lines of “All we all want to do is sit quietly at a window and watch the world go by” sort of thing. And that there’s no dinosaur noises involved at all.
    Janice´s last blog post ..Guest posting at Dreamer today

    • 6

      Wow, that sounded WAY more negative than I meant it to! Darn you typed words with no facial expressions! I do think you’re probably doing spectacularly and we all feel for you in the exhausting phase you’re in with velcro baby! :)
      Janice´s last blog post ..Guest posting at Dreamer today

  4. 7

    Oh girl…Adam was exactly like that. From birth….screamed everytime anyone but me held him! Even hubby! It totally hurt our loved ones feelings – but over time people have learned that it’s just his personality. He is now 4 years old and STILL very much a mama’s boy…he’s much better – but it still takes him time to warm up to anyone else, even his grandparents. Seriously annoying – but I’ve had to accept that it’s just the way he is. The clingyness is the main reason why we put him in preschool at 2 years old…..and also the reason why it took 9 months for him to stop screaming when I had to leave him. GAH.
    You never know – this very well might be a phase for your little guy – hopefully it is!!!

  5. 8

    Glad it’s going well! I think I could have written your post, especially how number 4 boy looks like the spitting image of number 1 boy! I think my Eliot is only a few weeks older than Owen and although he is not velcro-ish it’s been busy! I do find a way to carry him a lot, even while dealing with a wheelchair. What people must think! What an amazing life this is – and how these kids always keep us on our toes (for us with Eliot it was a tongue tie so he couldn’t nurse – something we hadn’t seen before – now ok but still a challenge!)

  6. 9

    My youngest brother was like this. My dad finally figured out if he wore my mom’s robe (or sweatshirt or whatever smelled like her) that my brother would let my dad hold him for a while. My mom said it was the only way she could shower when he was a baby. (I wrangled the other 4 kids when she showered. Yes my parents are nut cases for having that many children. At least I think so:))
    Raych´s last blog post ..Menswear Wednesday

  7. 10
    Rosie Segal says:

    My son Matthew was so clingy that my brother’s nicknamed him Oedipus. (Without the whole SEX thing). Just the undying desire for his mom. The kid is now leaving for college in a week. They do grow out of it. It just took awhile.

  8. 11

    Ok I only have 2 kids so you are twice the pro I am so I hate to give you this news… My sweet little youngest son Clyde, just turned 18 mos this week is STILL the exact same way, has been since his first hour of life. You know how babies go through stages, well in June Clyde started the stage where he cries soooo deep that all of his air leaves and he passes out, like literally he’s out! According to the dr it’s a normal phase that some kids go through… What!?

    Anyway I love the cuddles cause my just turned 3 yr old son was never interested in cuddling with mom, but it does get easier. He became more independent once he sat up and then even more after crawling. I’m still his favorite by far but it’s not as 24/7 now haha :)
    Taylor´s last blog post ..Fish Soap Party Favor – a Tutorial

  9. 12

    The 4th one likes to throw curve-balls at you, I swear. Have no fear – this too, shall pass and then it’ll be nothing but a distant memory. My 4th is the easiest, but the naughtiest. No wait, I shouldn’t even say naughtiest. I will say she’s just a TON more daring than the other three – and that makes for many mini-heart attacks throughout the day…but she’s far less clingy than the others because, well, she HAS to be. He’ll get over the hump. Promise. :-)
    Lindsay´s last blog post ..How to Buy a House in Four Days {Our Fixer Upper}

  10. 13

    Big brother looks so much older, doesn’t he? Amazing how a newbie will age the rest so quickly. Owen will get less clingy, just can’t tell you when!! I’d feel guilty if I said- oh, by next month he’ll be willing to go to anyone! You never know sometimes. But just remember how fast the time will fly and he’ll be running circles around the house with all the others. ;)
    Kerry @ Made For Real´s last blog post ..Back To School

  11. 14

    I had 2 babies who had to be held all the time although they at least let dad hold them but mom was always best. I survived with a good sling when they were little, as well as a kelty front pack and then when they got even bigger a Kelty backpack. I wore my Kelty back pack so much over the years of babies that I cried more getting rid of it then the crib because the darn kids never did sleep in that! They often napped in the backpack, I figured out how to get it off with them still sound asleep!
    Victoria@Snailpactransformations´s last blog post ..Less Words Wednesday: Dollar Tree Saves the Day

  12. 15

    My daughter was like that for… Oh wait, she’s 3 and only mama will do. Sometimes dad, if I’m. It here, but mostly mama. She also never slept. 20 minute power naps. My own personal version of H E double hocky sticks.