Need a Father’s Day Gift Idea? Double Edge Razor

This is NOT a sponsored post.  I’m legitimately giving you a gift giving suggestion from my own personal experience because I know how hard it can be to think of a gift.  I know it sounds kinda advertising-y, but that’s not my intent.  I did use affiliate links because, I mean, if you do buy it, I might as well make the 3 cents commission from Amazon, right?   I apologize in advance if this is lame.

Before kids, Andy and I used to be all elaborate about gift giving.  Gifts were fairly expensive and definitely came right off a wish list.  But, as kids and additional expenses entered the picture, the gift giving gig was toned down.  (and by now almost obliterated completely).

The problem was that it got harder and harder to figure out what to give him.  After all, 5 years of birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Days, and Christmases left me with slim pickings as to what he even wanted anymore.  Well, that had less than 3 zeros at the end of the price tag.  Um, no.

Andy is a guys guy kind of guy.  He likes car stuff, sports, and grilling.  But, he also has sensitive skin and was constantly struggling with razor burn and break outs after shaving.  He was using all those multi-blade disposable blade systems (you know, like Mach53 or whatever) and always trying different creams and shave gels to see which would give him the closest shave without breaking out.  He never really found anything that worked very well, but it was sort of a lesser of the evils kind of thing.

One day, I happened across a magazine article that talked about how the classic way of shaving was coming back.  You know, with the single blade system and a shave brush?  Like grandpa?  Just like that.  Andy doesn’t care about the latest trends in hygiene fanciness, but what the article went on to say was that not only do you get the closest shave possible with a double edge razor, but razor burn and break outs vanished!  (Something about the 87 blades on those new fangled razors are what is actually causing the issue because it’s just too much for your skin…you just need ONE really sharp blade.)

At my wits’ end, in the gift giving department, and taking a total leap that it wasn’t going to be an epic gift flop, I ordered the supplies:

Merkur 180 Safety Razor

Double Edge Razor Blades (he prefers the Feather brand)

The Art of Shaving Starter Kit*

Truthfully, the initial cost of this supposed “inexpensive” gift creeped up on me, but I figured that if it worked, it would save us money in the long run and lots of aggravation for him.  Besides, I was desperate.  I had no other ideas.  He was about to get a nose hair trimmer.  Or a tie with Snoopy on it.

I think he thought I was crazy when he opened the gift, but he was intrigued.  It’s kind of gadgety in an old skool kind of way, and he likes himself some gadgets.  He searched around for some YouTube videos (since grandpa isn’t around to show him how it’s done and there IS a technique) and got started.  As expected (the article even warned about this), it took him a few days to get the hang of this new/old way of shaving without cutting himself…BUT…

OHMYWORD ladies.

Seriously.  You. will. die. at how smooth your man’s face is.  NOTICEABLE.  For reals.

Not only did it give him the closest shave EVAH, but breakouts and razor burn are but a long forgotten memory.  No lie.

In fact, if the topic ever comes up with his buddies, he is the first to encourage them to make the switch to old fashioned DE razors.  He is a total, 100% convert.  It’s really funny because he is not the kind of guy you would ever think would be giving his buddies advice on this kind of thing.  But it works and he has never, ever, ever looked back.

Plus, it’s actually a heck of a lot cheaper…blades are something like 25 cents each…as opposed to a few DOLLARS each!  Yuck.

So there you have it.  Super random and probably not something you would have thought to buy your man, but I’m telling you, it’s pretty awesome.  Besides, does he really need another tie tack?  No.  No he does not.

*I originally bought the Art of Shaving cream kit because it was a sampler and came with the brush doohicky, and we bought the full size ones a few times, until we happened upon the Burt’s Bee’s men’s line of shave care products.  Not only do they work just as well (if not better!), but it’s a fraction of the price!  (Plus, you can get it all at Target…the expensive stuff is only at fancy department stores or ordered online.)

If you’d rather go the Burt’s Bees route immediately, here’s what you need: Shave Cream (not pictured, apparently we are out), Aftershave, and Bath & Body Oil.  That little white block?  It’s an alum block…you touch it to your face wherever there is bleeding and it stops immediately.  It’s a little pricey on the outset, but it supposedly lasts like 6 years.  Crazy. He bought that recently…it’s not a necessity from the beginning.

Oh, and I also got him this little tin box…he keeps it in the drawer and slips used old razors into it, rather than tossing them into the trash where the kids can get it.  Whenever the tin is full (and it can hold 100′s of old razors), you just throw the whole thing out and buy a new little tin.  Yay for not cutting up kid fingers!

So there you have it.  Ultra random post.  But it sounded like a helpful post…in my head anyway.  :)


(P.S. Here’s a bunch more info if you are interested.)

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  1. 1

    I don’t think this is a lame post at all. I would way rather you share a good idea and provide links of something you all use and love than the sponsored ads. Although I totally get why you do sponsored ads and if someone would give me free stuff I’d do them too. ;)
    michelle s.´s last blog post ..Linked 52: Party

    • 2

      You know, if I was smart I would have emailed the razor company and asked for them to sponsor this post and score free gear. But I think of these things much too late. Professional bloggers would have that all tied up and done…oh well.

  2. 3

    um, score! razors are so crazy expensive! definitely looking into this bad boy :)
    Aly Allen´s last blog post ..a sunshine-y rainbow-y 3rd birthday

  3. 4

    Oh my – I LOVE this. My hubby would love this, but he would never think of asking for something like this. Thanks for the great idea!!
    Suzanne´s last blog post ..You can’t take us anywhere…

  4. 5

    This is a great post! I needed a good gift idea for my husband for fathers day and he has super sensitive skin.
    Elena´s last blog post ..What the books don’t tell you??

  5. 6

    I got my man a similar one of these for Christmas two years ago in the style of a straight razor. He loves it so much that I got him a real straight razor for this coming Fathers day. We started with The Art of Shaving kit too, it is pretty pricey. I love the Bert Bees idea, I love their stuff. I wish I knew about that alum block beacuse I already have Fathers Day and Bday all wrapped up! I guess it will wait. I mean he’s mafe it this long.

  6. 7

    I love this post, but they wont ship to Australia. Dang it!
    Selina´s last blog post ..45/366

  7. 8

    Fascinating, not lame!

  8. 9
    Kathleen says:

    Great idea……I hate paying for those razor cartridges, they are expensive! I am looking into this.