The Rumors Are True

We got a cat.

You know, because I have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE going on in my life right now.

Nothing at all.

Now, for many of you, this is probably not that big of a deal.

But, when I posted something on Facebook alluding to said feline, I literally had 4 phone calls in minutes.

“YOU got a cat?????!!!  NO.  WAY.”

Because you see…I’m not much of an animal person to begin with…but cats…for sure my least favorite.

You know those bumper stickers that say “The only good cat is a dead cat”?

Or “The best place for a cat is under my tires”?

I mean, I don’t actually *have* one of those on my car or anything…but they DO make me giggle.

Shy of claiming temporary insanity for this out of character addition to the fam, there is a deliberate reason for, you know, “The Cat”.

Andy and I have spent a good chunk of change, and many many many hours of sweat equity transforming our once dirt backyard into a happy colorful garden that invites chirping birds and fluttering butterflies.

Every year, we spend another good chunk of change and many many hours…hunting gophers.  Gophers who ruin my pretty grass.  Gophers who eat the roots of my HYDRANGEA BUSHES.  Gophers who are gross and disgusting and are not welcome.  No sir.

And we may or may not have even seen a giant RAT scurry across our brick wall late one night.


So, for the last couple of years, we’ve contemplated a cat.  An outdoor cat.  An outdoor cat who will scare away gophers and other varmints.

(click image for source)

The cat’s name is Optimus.

You know, as in Optimus Prime from Transformers.  Duh.

I’m hoping he’s as valiant and action packed as his namesake.

Sure, the timing is atrocious, but I can’t really control when my friend’s outdoor cat gets knocked up and that 8 weeks later happens to be the same week my girl takes a couple of rides in an ambulance.

“Fate rarely calls upon us at a moment of our choosing.”  At least that’s what Optimus says in the second movie.  I’ll take that as a sign.

It’s just how these things go sometimes.

Besides, waiting any longer and I’ve got a newborn.  6 or one half dozen the other.  Or whatever the saying is.

Except that Andy’s beginning to worry he might be too docile for hunting.

After all, the sheer number of hugs, kisses and scratches under the chin and behind the ears is pretty astronomical.

But Optimus does come when you call him.  Like a dog.  Which makes me like him a little more.

And I will admit that Optimus is pretty cute.

But he’s a baby.  All animals are cute as babies.

I bet an armadillo is super cute as a baby too.

And you don’t see me wanting an armadillo plodding around the backyard.

(Actually, now that I think of it, having an armadillo just chillin’ in the yard would be pretty cool.  In fact, I take that back.  I totally want an armadillo now.)

So far, the cat thing is fine.

But dealing with the kids who want to CONSTANTLY touch and hold and pet and otherwise terrorize the poor creature…that’s another story altogether.

It’s been 48 hours and I’ve already threatened to take him back to Miss Tracy.

“Look Mommy!  He likes to be up on my shoulder!”

He looks thrilled, Son.

Optimus sleeps in the garage and the last two mornings, Henry has padded downstairs at 6:15 to “cuddle”.

It’s cute.  I mean, considering it’s a cat and all.

The dogs are mostly intrigued…but Optimus isn’t a fan of two 90 pound canines getting up in his space.

He hisses and arches his back and took a swipe at Abbie’s nose earlier.  (Which secretly made me happy.  Abbie needs someone to put her in her place.)

So I’m hoping that if he can throw down with a couple of dogs 10 times his size, he can punk a gopher.

My money’s on Optimus.

That, or he’s going back to Miss Tracy’s.


Jill is mostly unimpressed.

Which basically means she’s his favorite kid and cuddles up to her often since she leaves him alone.


So I guess that’s the big news.

We have a cat.

His name is Optimus.

And he has to work for his room and board.

I like him more than I thought I would but he’s still not coming inside and walking his nasty litter box paws all over my countertops.

The end.



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  1. 1
    Robin G says:

    Trust me, you DO NOT want an armadillo–they are quite destructive, as well. Come look at my yard. :)

    • 2
      Robin G says:

      Not as a pet, mind you. They run around all over here in Mississippi–and are a nuisance! Perhaps, I should get a cat!

      • 3

        This is SO weird to me. And fascinating. Then again, I’m not the one dealing with it. But man, this is crazy that armadillos just randomly wander around!!! We Californians only see them in zoos.

  2. 4
    marcia says:

    Adorable pics. I like him. Cats have sass…its awesome.

  3. 5
    marcia says:

    Adorable pics. I like him. Cats have sass…its awesome. Ps I still don’t believe it hahah

  4. 6

    This made me laugh my butt off!

    Praying Optimus is a good mouser…err gopher-er. ; )

  5. 7

    I’m SO with you. I don’t believe in pets for the sake of pets. Pets have got to contribute something. Thus why our only pets at the moment are Chickens. =)
    Nothing against people who want pets for company. I’m glad that works for you all. Me personally…I’d rather be alone than have a dog as my company. Maybe I’ll change my tune when i’m an old lady. I’ll probably have a little lap dog for company. Right now I have all the company I need in two kids. That said, the kitten is really cute. =)

    • 8

      We got our cats for cuddles but I can say that while our neighbors have had mice we never had. So we killed two birds with one stone on the pet front. :)
      michelle s.´s last blog post ..Loss

  6. 9

    LOL. We recently got a cat too. I’m allergic, yet ironically NOT to this cat. His name is Xander and he’s a siamese and totally acts more like a dog too! I like him far more than I thought I would. I don’t like the whole litter box situation, but it’s not as bad as I thought. Here’s to Optimus and his future hunting abilities! ;)

    Oh. And totally agree with Robin. You do not want an armadillo. They scare me to death and dig in my garden.
    JaimeM´s last blog post ..Randomness On A Tuesday

  7. 11
    Carrie R. says:

    I always tell my husband that if reincarnation were true, I’d come back as a cat. I’m very much like a cat…er, I should say cats are very much like me. I guess that’s why they are my favorite animal. Here’s to hoping Optimus (awesome name by the way) makes all your gopher getting dreams come true.

  8. 12

    i feel exactly the same way about cats, even though i always wanted one as a kid but my dad despised them. so i never had one. 20 years later my dad and stepmom have three cats in their home and i can’t stand them – go figure! hope optimus is a great hunter!
    Kristin´s last blog post ..a little dirt

  9. 13

    I am so sending you a cat calendar.

    And maybe a mug with a picture of a cat on it, too.

    In all seriousness, your kids look SO CUTE with Optimus! I always say we’ll never have pets, but every once in awhile I think about how great it would be for the kids. Sigh.

    Anyhow, congratulations on your new pet!
    Brianna´s last blog post ..A new leaf

    • 14

      It’s such a double edged sword. The pets give ME more work…but I do love watching the kids interact with them…and I do think it’s good for them in some way I haven’t quite put my finger on. Still, not dealing with the dog hair everywhere would be nice…and while I know I’ll never win the battle, I secretly want to stay dog free whenever these two kick the bucket.

  10. 15

    Hi my name is Becky…. what is yours??… because I’m sure I know who you are?!! I’m with B you totally are getting a cat mug!!

  11. 16

    Let me know how it works out. I like cats just as much as anyone (they taste like chicken) but I hate the varmints that perforate our backyard like a lightbright. We need a solution and the gopher gassers aren’t working.

  12. 17
    Brenda Williams says:

    Congratulations!! I’m SO happy for you!! :)
    You know, if you ever look at my fb posts, that I’m cat lovin freak!
    I have only one tip for you though – get a self-scooping litter box! We have a Litter Maid that has been faithfully scooping for at least seven years now. I only empty the waste container two times each week, and because waste is in a closed container our house doesn’t stink (that I’m aware of!) Also, because the litter box is always scooped and fresh (automatically, 10 min after each use) the cat doesn’t have potty accidents.
    Its a bit of an investment, but makes cat ownership so much more pleasant!

  13. 18
    Brenda Williams says:

    Oh, and PS
    I’ve never met a cat that wasn’t into chasing rodents. They just can’t resist!

  14. 19

    that is pretty cute!