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Growing Up in the Wonder Years, Part 2 – by Bianca Juarez.  A super interesting look at “the Millennials” and what’s going on culturally for the younger set.  Or is that my generation too?  I have no idea.  Having gotten married at 21  (is that gramatically correct?  I can’t tell.  Having gotten?  Ugh.) and having 4 kids in five years makes me a bit out of touch.  I like it that way.

-Did you know that Compassion International sends a group of bloggers around the world to various Compassion Centers?  My SNAP roommate Maggie is one of them this time around.  If you sponsor a child, or have considered it but are still on the fence…follow the posts by the bloggers going to Tanzania this week here.  Mags left yesterday, so I think they should be landing any time now.  DO THIS.  IT IS GOOD.  No pressure.  But I will be quizzing you.

-Nester is also one of the girls on the Tanzania trip, but she wrote this post this week…and I am SO there.  I’m tired of stuff.  Goodwill’s been getting some pretty cool gear lately.  And I’m totally okay with it.

-It’s been another month, so I’m writing over at Simple Mom again.  It’s a bit of a repeat for you guys, but I thought I’d let you know I’m cheating on this space.  You know, to clear my conscience.



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    I too am going through a “purging phase.” All the sudden there is just too much stuff in my house. I want simplicity.

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    LOVED nester’s post, thanks for linking, i am super behind on my fave blog reading:)

    praying you have an awesome weekend! xo
    hannah singer´s last blog post ..things i’m afraid to tell you