Another week?!  Ack!

Share your simple, everyday moments using only cell phone photos!  Any photos will do, but I use instagram (I’m jeannettg).

For today’s post, I’m in Utah at SNAP, and borrowing Meg’s Mac…I’m a PC…and I have never felt so computer illiterate in my life!  This is SO different!!!

There’s a group of girls from my old job that still get together for birthdays…which is really nice that we don’t lose touch since it’s been THREE YEARS since I’ve worked at the office.  I love that we make the (sometimes complicated) effort to get together at least five times a year.

Last week, we celebrated Lynette’s birthday at an Irish Pub…complete with a miniature leprechaun entrance.

We ate.  We laughed.  We laughed.  Then we laughed some more.  We likely made a scene.  And finally, three hours later, we all groaned with achy joints when we got up from the wooden chairs.

I love laughing.  Especially with some of my favorite girls.  Good for the soul.

“Daddy!  Carry all of us up the stairs!!!!!”

This is the new nightly ritual.

Andy schleps all three upstairs to bed.

And apparently Lucy whacked Jilly.  Which was really traumatic for Jill…but I think it was an accident in all the chaos.

I’m not sure where Walter will fit in that mix, but I have a feeling we will find a way.

Preschool pick up is right when nap time would normally start at home.  Even though Henry’s preschool is only 5 miles away, it’s all side streets, with lots of lights and stop signs.  If I hit them all “wrong”, it can take 15 minutes in each direction.

Lucy ALWAYS starts to nod off.  Which is not good because if I don’t intervene, it means she can get in a good 40 minute nap in the car.


Unacceptable.  And so, I intervene.

By rolling down every. single. window. in my car.

If she can’t breathe, she can’t sleep.

I’m mean.  And I’m totally okay with that.

I got to pay the Man last week.

And then I got punchy and decided to decorate the envelope in a passive aggressive show of angst.

But then I panicked.  Like my account would be flagged and I  would be put on some FBI list for treason and lack of respect for our country.  Then the SWAT team would show up at my house, guns a blazin’, yelling for us to GET DOWN ON THE GROUND! and I would be sequestered and undergo Chinese water torture for my shenanigans.

You know, for drawing hearts on an envelope.

So, I ended up sending it out in a new…non-decorated…envelope.  I’m not even kidding.

I’m so lame.

She is fabulous.

And she knows it.

Don’t hate.

Trying to go away for a few days sans kids is so much work for mamas.

I always question if it’s worth it.

And for special needs mamas, there’s a whole bunch of other little details to not forget.

(The kids are staying with my mom..but since she’s never been around when Jill has had a seizure, I realized that my verbal instructions might be forgotten in a panic.  Because my mom WILL panic.  Despite Step #1.)

SNAP is well underway and it’s been great to see old friends.

I needed a mama break.

I miss my kids.  But I don’t miss the “I want BREAKFAST MOMMY!”  “LUCY SPILLED HER MILK!!!”  “HENRY’S TOUCHING ME!!!!”

No, I do not miss that.  Not yet anyway.

Now it’s your turn!

What did you do this week!


life rearranged


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I'm a mom to four. A wife to one. I believe in story. I love telling you about mine and would love to hear yours. There's really no sense in wasting our suffering and not sharing in each other's joy. We're all in this together...even if it doesn't always feel like it.

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  1. 1

    LOL I would have changed my envelope too. Over active imaginations are a sign of genius, I think. Now I just need to find a way to get a Mommy break as I don’t see one in m near future. Perhaps a short hospital stay for a hang nail. Have a fabulous weekend.
    Michelle (Mama Said…)´s last blog post ..STAYCATION

  2. 2

    I loved the envelope! I probably would have changed it too. Paranoia is evil!
    Anna´s last blog post ..Five Question Friday! 4/20/2012

  3. 3

    haha the envelope! next time, just a well placed unicorn sticker to seal the envelope will do! can’t flag you for that :)
    kristin @ petal and thorn´s last blog post ..Instafriday 4/20/12

  4. 4

    I totally remember the in between pre-school nap schedule and I don’t envy you. It’s so hard to keep all those balls in the air. Great idea with the window up and down trick. We momma’s will stop at nothing to preserve that beloved nap time. Hope you are having fun and teaching it, at Snap! Oh and This is My first link up here, I’m so excited!! It’s the little things!
    Noel´s last blog post ..On Being an Auntie

  5. 5

    I love how you decorate your envelope for the IRS! So thoughtful of you (-: Linking up for the first time today!
    Tamar´s last blog post ..Recent Randoms

  6. 6

    LOVE this!! I just found your blog. I linked up today. I too am a twin momma who is addicted to IG. So glad to have found your blog. I will be looking for you on IG.

  7. 7

    Ah the infamous nap in the car. Both boys tend to do it when it’s way too late in the day…like 4 pm. But we usually let them sleep because hey, they are sleeping and it’s quiet! You totally should have mailed that envelope. :)
    Mindi´s last blog post ..Friday Favorites: On the Farm

  8. 8

    LOVE the envelope!

  9. 9

    I totally laughed at your envelope story… our imaginations are crazy things! And I totally am with you on doing WHATEVER IT TAKES to avoid car ride mini-naps instead of a proper nap at home. No tricks are off limits!
    Jodi´s last blog post ..InstaFriday

  10. 10

    I laughed out loud at our IRS envelope….you should have sent it…scented….just like that! :)
    Tracy @Dear Life From a Mom of Boys´s last blog post ..Insta-Friday

  11. 11

    i would have been too chicken to send that envelope too! ha!

    hope you are having fun at snap! wish i was there with all of you girls, to be honest, i have been too chicken to buy a ticket each and every year! but thinking i need to take the plunge next year!

    have a great week!
    jenni´s last blog post ..It’s that Time Again…

  12. 12

    Once you go Mac you never go back…..
    julie´s last blog post ..Insta-Friday week sixteen

  13. 13

    Your little kiddos are adorable.

    That IRS envelope is too funny..and I probably would have had the same thought trail as you did and wouldn’t have sent it either ahhaha.

    Love this post!
    Chelsea´s last blog post ..April Sponsor Spotlight #1

  14. 14

    I just love how you dolled up your envelope to the IRS!! Haha!!
    Natalie´s last blog post ..My Week In An Instagram

  15. 15

    Okay, the nose picking shot = awesomeness! Oh to be a kid again – not a care in the world. :)
    Wendy@ Salt and Wine´s last blog post ..Happiness Is…

  16. 16

    Ha! I used to do the same thing in the car to keep my kids awake. Remember those days well! Enjoy your time away!!!
    Heather´s last blog post ..Friday Phone Dump Week 16

  17. 17

    I laughed out loud at your envelope to the man story. So something I would do!!

    I am sort of new to your blog & just love reading it. I need to lurk around more & learn more about you! I see that you have a special needs child? I teach special needs & love every minute of it. The kids are so much more than their “diagnosis”.

    Looking forward to reading more :) xoxo

  18. 18

    Haha I remember using the window blast- a family tradition passed down from sister to sister, because we’re kind that way. Love your Insta Fridays always, I’ve gotta’ get my stuff together this week so I can post :)
    Pam´s last blog post ..A New Van for Katey


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