The Adventures of Korby and Friends

An afternoon spent at our friends Jen and Trevor’s house has fast become my kids’ favorite.

Not only do they live on 2 acres of dirt loving, bug hunting kid heaven, but they also have actual train track running through their property and these little hand powered train seat things you can drive around (can you tell I know nothing about trains?).  And a play structure.

Our house is so lame.

And not. only. that.

They have Korby.

A gigantic inflated bottle of champagne.


Because apparently Trevor visited the Korbel winery (champagnery?) and brought Jen home a giant inflatable bottle, because it was “cool”…in lieu of, you know, an actual bottle of champagne.

Boys…  (Andy would so totally do this too. This is why he and Trevor are friends.)

Of course, when kids see a giant five foot tall inflatable anything, it’s like a beacon of fun that can’t be unseen.

“Can we play with the green bottle Miss Jennifer?  Please???!!!”

I warned Jen that it wasn’t a good idea.  If she let them play with it, it was pretty much a guarantee that it would be popped.

“No.  Really Jeannett…it’s totally okay…”  ::wink, wink::

“Ah, I see.  Alright kids.  Have at it.”

Korby became like the third Musketeer for my dynamic duo.

Korby was accepted immediately and given the train’s best seat.

With Queen Lucy at the helm.

Of course.

They waited patiently for other weary travelers who might need a ride.

Upon finding none, Queen Lucy, in her signature bare feet, began the long journey.

And off they went with their new friend, winding their way through oak trees, grassy knolls and finally resting on their twisting and exhausting travels at the play structure, where Korby was shoved down the slide, given a ride on the swing, and thrown from the tower like an imbibed Rapunzel.

Korby made new friends that day.  Friends that rescued him from low hanging branches.  Friends that wiped the tree bark off his weary vinyl bones.  Friends that celebrated him, even if he was green.  And giant.  And filled with stale air.

And Korby was happy.  He lived to see another day.  And he now waits patiently until Queen Lucy and King Henry can come back to play.  Dreaming of adventures to be had in the coming days.  And he was happy.

For as happy as a five foot inflatable champagne bottle can be.

The end.




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  1. 1

    You are so random, Jeannett. I love you.

  2. 2

    Such a cute way to spend the day. Just wait until the twins can enjoy it with them…craziness is what it will be (Jen’s twins…not yours :) I have a feeling Korby will go by the wayside :) So cool that it is all captured right here!

  3. 3

    Dude! I want to play at Jen’s house too!

  4. 4

    Hahahahahaha! ::smiles ear to ear:: Lovethe simplicity and kookiness of Korby’s point of view. So glad you’re writing a book!

    • 5

      Those photos on their own are just so funny, love it! What a fun thing to have to play on, amazing really.

  5. 6

    Hard to compete with a train in the yard, for sure. Looks fun!

  6. 7

    Korby kind of kills me. I want one. Miss you, mama. Hope you are feeling well!