Grainy is good around here.

Capture your week with nothing but a cell phone and then link up!

I’ve saved every stitch of baby clothes from all of my kids.  After all, we knew we wanted another.

With nesting in full mode around here, I decided with two days’ notice to do a yard sale of my baby girl clothes.


So many memories.  For pennies on the dollar.

I was shocked by how many people would pick up a baby dress WITH THE TAGS STILL ON IT and then set it back down when I told them it would be $1.

Our weekly adventures to the Children’s Museum for Speech Therapy continue.

This display of GIANT beetles makes me really happy I don’t live in Africa.

I would die.  Die.

I’m shady.

No doubt.

My purse had a stash of stealth snacks at the Hunger Games movie.

You know, I get that theaters make almost nothing from ticket sales (or so they say, as it goes to the studios and whatever), but I often wonder if they would sell significantly more food if it was reasonably priced?  I mean, if they sold a box of Whoppers for $2, it wouldn’t be worth my time to go to Walmart just to save $1.  I’d just buy it there.  But when they charge $4.50

Chicken noodle soup.

Homemade french bread.

You’re welcome.

You know what happens when you cut the cable?

You get a lot more of this kind of thing.

Storytime.  Familytime.  Love.

Walter’s gonna have to do some elbowing to get a spot…

Pirate Elvis is in da house.

Every Tuesday we have some one on one time after we’ve dropped off Henry at preschool and before we have to pick Jill up from therapy.

Most times we just go home, but after a quick errand, we still had half an hour to kill…so a Mama/LuLu Date seemed to be in order.

A plain bagel and cream cheese for me.  Lucy picked out a strawberry and cream scone.  Quite fancy for a 2 year old.

And it was sweet.

The time.  And the scone.

“Hey Mommy!  Look!  It’s like that big one we played with at Miss Jennifer’s house!!!”

Henry has suddenly taken to dressing up in random Halloween costumes.

Spidey was recently seen wearing a green cape, flip flops, and a helmet…racing around the neighborhood on his bike.  It was….quite the sight.

Yesterday, Spidey took a nap.  He woke up sweaty, but refreshed.  Even superheroes need rest.

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I'm a mom to four. A wife to one. I believe in story. I love telling you about mine and would love to hear yours. There's really no sense in wasting our suffering and not sharing in each other's joy. We're all in this together...even if it doesn't always feel like it.

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  1. 2

    I love when I see kids dressed up in costumes running around. There was a spider man at Old Navy the other day. I gave him a thumbs up and told him he looked COOL. His mom just shrugged and smiled. Mom’s just know that there are battles that aren’t worth fighting sometimes.
    Brooke´s last blog post ..INSTA – FUN

  2. 3

    I hear ya about the yard sale. I had the same reaction when I tried to sell kids’ clothes. They want it in perfect condition for pennies. I agree with you on the movie snacks too. My purse looks like yours. And we do the pop opening thing…make the noise when the movie is loud. ;) Lower the prices a bit…come on!
    Joann@womaninreallife´s last blog post ..Insta-Friday in real life

  3. 4

    Do you really have a sign in your kitchen that says “holla”? Or am I misreading that? Cuz’ “holla!” would be awesome!

  4. 5

    I totally can’t justify spending MORE while at the theater when ticket prices seem so high to me. So I would totally take in. ;-) LOVE that you cut the cable. It’s something I could do also. I’d much rather read a book or be online. Now don’t mention cutting the internet connect. LOL
    Sherri S´s last blog post ..My Week in Photos {InstaFriday}

  5. 6

    It frustrates me too how much food is at the movie theater. There’s a nicer theater in my city that has assigned seating (think a regular theater) and the food is delicious. It’s more expensive, but at least I can justify the food prices there because the theater if fantastic.
    creole wisdom´s last blog post ..InstaFriday

  6. 7

    Love the one of little Spider Man taking a nap. :)
    Wendy@ Salt and Wine´s last blog post ..Insta-Friday: So Far Today

  7. 8

    Ah! I’m already following you on Instagram, but can’t for the life if me figure out why I didn’t know about this linkup! (need to get my head out from under that rock!) I love this idea. Will have to jump in next Friday!!! (you do reminders on IG? LOL)
    SweetJeanette´s last blog post ..Don’t judge a book by it’s cover

  8. 9

    HI! Just found you from Emily’s site – and I’m so glad I did! What a fun new blog that I am adding to my ‘must read’ list…

    Thanks for hosting this linky fun! (LOVE Instagram!)

    xoxo – Happy Friday.
    Tracy´s last blog post ..Favorties & Feed my Family: Carnitas Enchiladas ~

  9. 10

    I’ve been looking for a good bread recipe.. are you willing to share it?? Those loaves look absolutely delicious! :) I’m also in love with your “holla” sign in your kitchen!
    Angela Anthony´s last blog post ..Shopping, A Princess Dress, and a Handsome little Man!

  10. 11

    You cut the cable??!! My hero.

    Jessie Lynn @
    Bloom in the Details´s last blog post ..Instagram Friday

  11. 12

    Love the “holla” sign in your kitchen!!!
    kelli´s last blog post ..insta.friday!

  12. 13

    I love that I’m not the only one sneaking food into the theater. Sadly, our theater has taken to checking bags to ensure you’re not ripping them off by bringing your own food. ;( How sad. I am now either forced to starve or pay their exorbant prices and possibly not eat for the rest of the week. Bleh.
    Heather´s last blog post ..Our Week In Photos and Other Things

  13. 14

    Thank you so much for hosting!!! I haven’t take the time to tell you this…. but I wanted to let you know. I have a great time doing this….. and capture so many memories doing so!


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