The Happy Day Project {Day 5: Refresh Someone}

(Are you here looking for InstaFriday?  I’m taking one week off to host The Happy Day Project.  I’d love for you to jump in and play along too!  We still have three days of happy to spread!)

Water’s a funny thing.

Half the time I don’t even realize I want some until I actually see it.

Someone walks by with a cold bottle of water and suddenly my eyes are wide and my mouth feels dry.

I won’t lie.  I love Diet Dr. Pepper.

But water?  Water just hits the spot.

Today we’re going to unexpectedly give someone that magical elixir that quenches thirst like no Mega Size fountain drink can.

For no reason.

Because we can.

Because people will look at you confused first…and then smile as they take your bottle.

It’s just the way it’s going to be.  I can feel it in my bones.

Now, here’s the deal.  Julie and I were supposed to be a day ahead of you guys so that we could post pictures of our family’s doing the tasks.  Except that that pesky life thing has made that a little more difficult than I expected.  So I’m actually doing it alongside you.

I’ll come back and update this post later today with photographic evidence of our participation.  Pinky swear.

If it doesn’t rain, I’ll probably take the kids to the park with a wagon full of water and have them run up to random people handing out waters.  (How cute is that?  I mean, really?)

If it rains (or let’s face it, if it’s too cold out) we’ll pop over to the local fire station and drop off a case of waters there.

If you live near a running trail, you can park yourself and hand them to those healthy folk.

Or if there’s a construction site nearby, you can help refresh the dudes working.

Besides, did you see the cuteness that Amy of Living Locurto made for The Happy Day Project?

Those have to be used today.  Have to.  It’s like a little life jacket for your water bottle.  A life jacket of happy and sunshine to save you from a dreary ugly day.

If that isn’t the funnest thing ever to hand out to strangers, I don’t know what is.

You can print your little life preservers HERE and HERE.

Want to make a bigger impact today?  It’ll spread sunshine.  It’ll bring a smile.  But it’ll also sustain LIFE.

That’s big.


A $10 donation to Charity: Water will provide clean drinking water to someone for 10 years.

That’d be The Happy Decade Project.

There are a BILLION people living without clean water.

Who can’t imagine a couple of random kids running up to them with a bottle of precious clear water for them.  (Makes today’s task seem even more important, huh?)

Babies who die of completely preventable water borne diseases.

This isn’t for shock value.  It’s reality for many.  Way too many.

It’s not okay.

Not when $10 can make a radical difference.

So let’s give water globally today.

While you’re still in jammies.

Watch the videos on the Charity: Water site with your kids.

Teach your kids about what matters.

Make a donation.

And then go hand out waters to strangers today.

Let’s bring it.

I want to see water all over my Instagram and Twitter feed today.

Show me what you got.








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  1. 1

    Done! But I actually brought coffee to a local construction crew this morning since it’s so cold today.

  2. 3

    this Happy Day Project is beyond awesome! I need to get crackin and hop on the wagon, but truth be told, this isn’t the week or weekend for it. But you’ve sparked something and I will come back to it. :)

  3. 4

    you have inspired me…I will be back to share what I come up with in the near future. A tiny spark can ignite a flame.

  4. 5

    These are all such wonderful ideas!! We recently bought a water filter through Compassion International…something so basic. Something sooo important.

    adventuresindinner – AWESOME idea! My hubby is a construction superintendent so I definitely have a place in my heart for the men and women working outside through the cooold winters :)

  5. 6

    charity water.
    literally, in my jammies. ;)
    (love that you wrote that part)

  6. 7

    So many things i want to give to and im waiting on the husbands paycheck!! Such a great cause