Thank YOU

I’ve hosted a fundraiser or two in my day.

And never, have I just let one end with no fanfare, no excitement, no grand announcements as I did the last one we just did for Free Wheelchair Mission in connection with the Special Needs series.

I am so so so annoyed and disappointed with myself for letting it go unnoticed.

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks around here so I’ll ask for your grace.

But I AM beyond excited to let you know that we not only hit our goal of $1,000, but we actually slightly exceeded it and ended at $1,081!!!

That’s just under 17 wheelchairs.  17 lives changed forever.

I’d say that’s pretty amazing.  Truly.

Even better, some of the donations that came in after October 1 will be eligible for the FWM Matching Program right now, so that’s technically even more money to provide mobility to those who need it most across the world!!!!

So thank you.

For giving.

For loving.

For serving.

In a very 21st century way.

Feel free to share your story.  Those posts will always be available for sharing.

* * * *

A few links I thought you might enjoy this weekend:

Did you know that Arkansas and Minnesota are altogether too far from California?  After a weekend with these girls, I’m convinced of it more than ever.  Ruthanne is brilliant behind a camera and blogged some pictures of our girls’s night out from Blog Sugar weekend.

I also begged and shamelessly requested that she take some headshots of me.  After all, the photo I’ve been using in all my online stuffs is actually the back of my head and a bitty 6 month old Jill.

If you didn’t go to Blog Sugar, but curious what it was like and need convincing to go next year (there WILL be another one, right Rachel???)  Here’s a fun video of the day.  As an aside, I plan on doing a series of posts of what I talked about at Blog Sugar.  It might be next week or the one after…soon.  Promise.

Blog Sugar 2011 from jakfoto productions on Vimeo.

And last, but not least, I really am teaching an online workshop of hiring/being a virtual assistant based on my ebook.  If you have been thinking about working from home as a VA to a blogger, or know you need help with your blog but don’t know where to start or what to do next, my workshop might be right up your alley.

Happy Saturday everyone!  It’s a crisp fall day and we have a trip to the pumpkin patch on the agenda for today!!!


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    Wish I could join your workshop, but I don’t get home till 1:30. Sounds intriguing. Just wonder if I can fit in somewhere. Maybe getting help with my blog. :) Hope you get a good turnout and have fun. hugs