Special Family – Anissa Mayhew {special needs}

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Anissa is a mother of three.

A mama to a child diagnosed with the C word.

And then…found herself in a wheelchair.

She blogs at Free Anissa, Aiming Low, and makes guest appearances just about anywhere you can think of.

I’m inspired and in awe of Anissa’s resilience.

I know you will be too.

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I had two strokes in 2009 that left me in a wheelchair, typing with one hand and this really awkward inability to itch my left forearm. You can read more about those here.

There are many stories to tell about how having a child with special needs have changed the person the parent is forever.

My story is a little different in the fact that it was my life-changing handicap that made my children special needs.

Maybe my kids don’t have a diagnosis.

They don’t have the struggle of their health to work against.

They can’t explain their issues with any words.

They know your tumult.  They’ve felt your pain.

When a parent is handed a diagnosis and accepts that this will be a life-long effort, there’s no question that this is the child they were gifted with and they will do everything in their power to help them along.

But when you have to face your children and explain the critical differences between the parent who went into the hospital and the one coming home, you can’t describe the needs of those kids as anything but special.

One thing that has always been important to me (as the parent of a cancer survivor before I had the strokes that put me in a wheelchair) is that people understand a diagnosis affects each member of the family.

I choose not to think of you as the “Parent Of A Special Needs Child”…..you’re more the “Special Family”.

I hope you will contribute to the Free Wheelchair Mission

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Alongside every Guest Post Series, we also fundraise for a related cause.

In this case, the Free Wheelchair Mission…which provides life changing mobility to those in need in third world countries.

Because the option of a wheelchair is a luxury unknown by many.

And for a measly $63.94 we can truly transform a life.

Would you consider giving even $1?

Together we can impact a life.

Together we can make a difference.

With a a few clicks of a mouse, a paypal account (come on, you know you have one…), you can do more than you realize.

Honest engine.


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