I just wanted to pop in for a bit today and remind everyone about the fundraiser we have going on right now.

Free Wheelchair Mission is AMAZING.

Truly life changing.

And not in that “Missoni is at Target!!!!” kind of way.

But actual, honest to goodness, for reals LIFE ALTERING.

Which, let’s face it, is something we don’t get a chance to do all that often.

If you haven’t read the stories of Special Needs mamas, spend some time clicking around.

If you have, and haven’t donated yet, I’d like to dangle a carrot…

As if knowing that $63.94 can provide a wheelchair to a disabled person in need isn’t enough…any donations received by October 31 will be DOUBLED.

For a limited time, thanks to our generous underwriters, every gift  you give between now and October 31, 2011 will be matched, dollar for dollar, up to $175,835…with a goal to raise 5,500 people into a brand new wheelchair!

During the Matching Gift Challenge, for every wheelchair you donate, two will be delivered! The Match has the power to double your donation and double the wheelchairs you send around the world, but only if you donate before October 31, 2011!

Now is the best time all year to make your charitable dollars go twice as far. Give generously, and lift TWICE the people to a better tomorrow!

As of the publishing of this post, we’ve had 25 contributors give a total of $635.

That’s ten wheelchairs.

TEN LIVES changed.

Did you know that if each person that reads these words today gave even $5 (which is actually $10 with the matching program)…we could band together and raise enough for more than 100 wheelchairs???!!!

I dare you.

Double dog.

Find $5 in your couch cushions.

Magically turn it into $10 with the Match.

And with God’s grace and for His glory we can help His people.

Give. Love. Serve.

It’s what we do.

You in?

(if you are reading in a reader, please click over and consider giving today.)

(feel free to tweet, facebook, blog, etc about this. there’s no contest or anything to win, but i think it’s still worth it, no?)





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    Tweeted it!! Such a great cause.