Well, well, well…

What have we here?

Oh, yeah.


What the…?!

For reals people.

All three of my kids took turns getting crazy sick this week.

Needless to say, my Instagram-ness was a little on the light side this week, but here’s what I managed to snap:

Fevers!  104.6!  Crazytown!

This girl was a Cuddle Bug.

Is it bad that I secretly loved it?

Henry’s preschool lunch.

PB&J cut into a fish shape and two leftover square-ishes, grapes and apple slices.

I got these new box things and I love love love them.

Nothing gets squished and smashed and I don’t waste 8,000 little baggies.

Meet Baby and Cack.

Yes, Cack.

That’s what Lucy calls CATS.

But now the whole family calls them Cacks….because it’s funny sounding and oddly inappropriate.

Either way, Baby and Cack come with us EVERYWHERE.

Every store.  Every errand.  Every nap.  Every bedtime.

Lu, Baby, and Cack.

The three musketeers.

This doll on the other hand lives in the City landfill.

She got left out in the front yard one night and by morning I heard cries of “MOMMY!…Baby eye!!!!”

Ew.  Creeptastic.

To the dump for you!

Last year I was in a fall funk.

Hoping to avoid the same dilemma this year, I thought I’d get in the Autumny mood by putting my crafty pants on and followed this tutorial.

My fingers and wrists hurt.  If I never have to make another rolled rosette, I’ll be a happy girl.

I have no idea how Jess does it.

Not to mention that my rosettes don’t hold a candle to the pretties she makes.

Here’s my entry for last week’s InstaChallenge.

Did you remember?

Snap a picture of something you LOVE.

I LOVE these glass candlesticks.

I got them at PotteryBarn a long time ago, and there’s just something so timeless and elegant about them.

I feel like they’ll be in style until I’m 90.

Okay, now it’s your turn to link up!

Show me what you’ve been up to last week and hopefully you remembered to snap a picture of something you love too.

If not, do not fear!  Another InstaChallenge for next week is here!

Sometime in the next week be sure to snap a picture of something you really don’t like.  Maybe it’s peas, or cotton balls, or honey, or pineapple?  Whatever it is, let’s learn a little more about eachother and see what drives us batty!

Don’t forget to grab a button and leave some comment love for at least two other linker uppers!

(Did you enter this week’s giveaway yet?  Are you on board for our One Bite at a Time: Together thingy?)

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  1. 1

    So sad your kiddies are sick! My baby girl is sick today….pretty sure it’s a reaction to the stupid flu shot she got yesterday. Breaks my heart.

    Love your wreath!

  2. 2

    I’m totally loving that wreath!! Can we please have a craft night?! Hope your little ones are feeling better. So hard to see them sick.

  3. 3

    Sorry to hear about your kiddos being sick. No fun.
    I’m trying to de-lurk more and comment more…and I even linked up to Insta Friday! Yay!
    And, I’m on board for 52bites…excited!

  4. 4

    I know what you mean about the rosettes. They’re just so simple, but nobody ever wants to do a gajillion of them. Thanks for throwing such a great linky party! I send tons of pics (mainly of our daughter) to my husband at work throughout the day and this is a great way to document our weeks. Thanks!

  5. 5

    i love the cuddles when my little guy is sick! only time he is still enough!
    love cack. awesome.
    that wreath is cute and i LOVE those pretty candlesticks!

    xo happy friday

  6. 6

    A. That doll is terrifying.
    B. So sorry your kiddos are sick! No fun!
    C. That wreath wants to come to my house…. :)

  7. 7

    Sorry your littles are sick, but it’s great to have extra cuddles time. Yep, that doll is creepy. I makes me think of the baby from Toy Story.

  8. 8

    Bless your heart–sick kiddos. I know what you mean about Crazytown when your kids are sick! Your little one’s preschool lunch is cute. My boys have a dinosaur sandwich shape cutter that we use. I wonder if his teachers think we were crazy when they pull out his sandwich…it doesn’t really look like a dino. It looks more like we can’t cut in a stright line. The creepy doll is creepy!

  9. 9

    The wreath is beautiful!

  10. 10

    that doll is CREEPY! ahhh!
    sorry your kiddos have been sick!
    Praying for a healthy weekend.

  11. 11

    Hope your kids are feeling better! We’ve been battling the ick around here too. That doll is way way creepy, reminds me of the doll head with spider legs in Toy Story, eeekkk!

  12. 12

    Your a busy lady! Love the wreath. I absolutely forgot the challenge waaa waaa oh well my favorite people and animals are there that counts…right

  13. 13

    So sorry for the sick week! The wreath turned out so great. Making a fall wreath is on my weekend to-do list :)

  14. 14

    Love that first one. Sorry for the sickies. Hope everyone feels better soon. That doll is creepy.

  15. 15

    I am packing lunch Bento style too! So fun!

  16. 16

    Sorry about your cute kids being sick. I wanted to let you know I found you through Pleated Poppy and have had so much fun linking up the last few weeks. This is a fantastic idea!

  17. 17

    Sorry bout the kiddos being sick.. :(

    The lunch looks yummy! :) I love bento style boxes..

  18. 18

    OMG. Creepy one eyed doll…. So creepy. Ugh. LOL.

    Thanks for hosting!

  19. 19

    We’ve had this sickies in our house all week as well! I’m so ready for it all to be gone and life to resume as normal! I’ve decided to get my craft on today since I’m quarantined to the bedroom with one of our kids while the hubs has the other two in the rest of the house. Might as well try to make the most of it!

  20. 20

    Jeanette, I forgot to take a picture of what I loved! It was a Challenge Fail on my part. But I promise this week I will take a picture of what I don’t like! Thank you for hosting InstaFriday, it has been one of my favorite blog parties to participate in!

  21. 21

    Loving the challange thing! I’ll be on it nex time! Unless I’m in labor… then I’ll be songging my new human.

  22. 22

    Aww man! I missed linking up! But it’s still Friday here…. I hope your kids get better soon!

  23. 23

    Whoops! I was in the wrong week :-). Ha, I need to sleep.


  1. […] Kickin’ back, relaxin’… watching the neighbor boys play basketball. What a fun week.  We didn’t do anything…but Zeek seems like he GREW and got older this week.  It’s been so fun to watch the changes.  He is THISCLOSE to crawling and actually going places.  He can push himself backwards pretty good now and can turn in some serious circles.  He also learned how to pull himself up in his little bath tub this week (mama taught him “no, keep your bunnies on the tub!” pretty quick! haha).  He is constantly babbling “dadadada” “babababa” and “mamamama”, as well as his “aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh”  “gguuuuaaaaaaarrrrrraaaahhh” talking that he always does!  It cracks me up to hear it.  And when I laugh, he always looks up at me and smiles proudly.  He loooves his voice box. :) Love, K Linking to: Insta-Friday at Life Rearranged […]