Meant For It All Along – Amy Jupin {special needs}

Today continues our series of guest bloggers sharing their story of special needs.

Amy is smack in the middle of big big things.

I was so excited when she agreed to write here.

I’m so encouraged by her obedience.

* * * *

hi there.
my name is amy and i blog over at one day at a time.
i blog about all kinds of fun stuff but mostly about my sweet family.
i have been blessed with three little ones.
my youngest, a little boy named ben, was born in march of 2007.
shortly after his birth we learned that ben has down syndrome.

having ben was a game-changer–his little soul worked magic in our hearts and brought a deeper kind of love that wasn’t there before he came.
we all quickly realized that down syndrome was not the end of our world.
no way!
down syndrome actually brought out the best in all of us.
we are better people because of ben, and loving his spirited little self became our new normal.

fast forward a couple of years…
a friend i made through blogging sent me a message on facebook asking me to check out her blog.
imagine my surprise–she is a mom of five, and she soon to be six!
but this time is different, this time she is adopting!

posted on her blog, a sad picture of a lonely little girl is staring back at me.
she is three years old, and her having down syndrome is a death sentence.
in her country, people with disabilities are shut away, locked up for life, because they have no place in their society.
how can this be?
this is the 21st century.
why does still happen? why?

over the next few months i watched her family work to free her.
i read lisa’s blog as she described the process and the long journey to bring her daughter home.
i cried many, many nights as i read her story, longing to understand why this happens to these children.
when alina came home, i cried buckets and buckets of tears, tears laced with relief and joy.
and i’ve continued to watch, in awe, the transformation that this little girl has gone through, a girl that no one wanted.

her family saw her worth and worked long and hard to save her life.
watching alina’s story unfold, i was witnessing the hand of God.
and it moved me more than anything else ever had, ever in my entire life.

i visited the website reece’s rainbow many, many times during my friend’s journey.
seeing the faces of so many little children, children like my own son ben, oh, it was so hard.
i would close the website and feel such sadness, such terrible, mind-numbing sadness.
i would pray, each time, for all the children.
for their safety and their futures.

one day i actually printed out a picture of a little boy and set it on my nightstand.
i wanted to pray specifically for him and to be able to look at his face while i prayed for him.

his clock was ticking loudly–he was soon to be four, the age when orphanages begin the paperwork process of transferring the children to mental institutions.
the prison where they remain for the rest of their short lives.

i prayed for months, for a family to come forward for him, for his caregivers to realize his worth and potential, and spend some extra time working with him.
i prayed for him to grow strong and be blessed, for the Lord to plant a seed in a momma’s heart and to grow some love there…for him.

my prayers then turned to me.
i begged the Lord, i cried and i begged, to understand what i could do to help.
i couldn’t watch him be transferred.
he needed a family.
oh please Lord, please help guide me. please show me what you want me to do.
please show me why my heart is hurting so badly.

several months later, i realized that things were most certainly happening.

the Lord was blessing that little boy.
He had already chosen his momma and planted a seed in her heart.
it had been growing there all along, dormant for years yet slowly awakened by the love-light that had worked it’s way in.

the seed was planted in my heart long before i had my son ben.
it had been long before i met lisa through blogging.
it was there long before i ever stumbled upon reece’s rainbow, before i ever saw alina’s sad picture and watched her transformation, and long before i ever saw the sweet little face of a boy that was tatooed on my heart.
it was me–i was meant to be his momma long before i ever knew it.
but He meant for it all along.

a little face staring back at me every night on my nightstand will soon become my son.
he will belong to me.
he will have a chance at a long, happy, family-filled life.
he will be loved and cherished.
we have been working to bring him home since april.
he has two brothers and a sister and a family waiting for him.
he doesn’t know it yet but he is already so loved.
i can’t wait to watch him BLOOM.

* * * *
Like Jess said: “When God is doing one thing, He is doing a million things.”
That couldn’t be more true for Amy and her sweet family.
I’m so excited to watch as her little comes home.
I get goosebumps just thinking about it.
I realize that it seems a little non-sequitor to have a fundraiser benefitting a wheelchair provider to be paired with this series.
But it’s all about providing resources.
Children in countries around the world who have needs that cannot be provided.
$63.94 provides this darling boy a way to get up and off that dirt floor.
$63.94 gives those chubby cheeks a future.
$63.94 gives his mama streaming tears of joy.
If you are a mother, special needs or not, physical disabilities or not, you get this.
We move mountains for our babies.
Let’s do some damage for someone else’s babies too.
Even $1.
Don’t be overwhelmed by giving.


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  1. 1

    I love you!
    God is doing a million things just in your family, and I am so happy to witness it!
    Imagine what other gifts are to come!

  2. 3

    I already knew you were amazing…but your love for Davis just blows me away. Thank you for putting your heart out there, you are such a blessing!

  3. 5

    Amy- thank you for sharing this with us! I cannot wait to see what else God is doing in your life! I am so blessed by your story!

  4. 7

    Thank you for sharing your amazing story wth us!

  5. 8

    thank you kelleyn!
    i just checked out your special story too.
    we are also a “heart” family–ben had a vsd and asd surgically repaired when he was three months old.
    i’m off to read more on your blog, but take comfort in knowing that i can relate to each and every word!

  6. 9

    I’ve been following your blog for awhile now, and I just love your heart and your love for Davis. I can’t wait to witness the miracles that God is working <3

  7. 10
    Carrie R. says:

    This post makes my heart so happy. I follow Adeye Salem’s blog, who is a huge supporter of adoption, espiecally special needs. Her blog lead me to Reece’s Rainbow and I occasionally go there to see who has been adopted, who is stil waiting, and the too may new faces added. I’m overjoyed to hear of another little soul that has found their forever family. Congrats!!

  8. 11

    I stumbled on your website and I am so glad I did. I always thought there was a special place in God’s heart for all children. You are truely a selfless person and to accept another child into your home is just more proof of that! I am so happy there are people out there like you and your family. All my prayers and hopes go out to your family and I hope you will be with your son soon, if you are not already there.

  9. 12

    I have tears in my eyes as I read your story – and the stories of so many other amazing momma’s who are sharing in jeannett’s theme this month. Thank you for sharing your heart in this post – for encouraging us to DO something through your beautiful writing.

  10. 13

    re-reading this now! read it before, but got to meet the lovely amy this weekend! she is incredible.
    i heart her.

    amy, i love that you know God was preparing you for this all along. :)

    so excited to follow along with your family as it grows and grows!
    Kim´s last blog post ..Hello, Houston, you’ve got problems.