Kitchen Pendant Lights {Barn Light Electric}

As we made plans to update our kitchen, I knew that one of the elements I wanted to incorporate was some fun pendant lighting above the peninsula.

The ceiling can lights were boring and a missed opportunity as far as I was concerned.

And we LIVE around that peninsula.

Come over for any reason, and I got $10 on us ending up leaning around that peninsula area.

Not in the backyard.  Not in the living room.

100% of the time.

I trolled the aisles of our local hardware stores, but couldn’t find anything I liked.

I’m picky.

Y’all should know that by now.

I wanted something bold….different.

I spent hours online looking at all kinds of lighting, to no avail.

Until a friend suggested Barn Light Electric.


I was originally looking at something rustic-y like this Cavalier pendant.

Or, something really streamlined like this Bryon pendant.  (Which I still totally adore and have to find a use for because I’m certain that it must live in my house.)

Or, something kinda fun and glass-esque like this Altamont pendant.

But when I saw the Benjamin Bomber light, I knew that was the light.

It’s porcelain coated, people!

It was like being on Say Yes to the Dress…you know, where the consultant zips up the dress, and before she’s even gotten to the top, the bride is crying, with her hands cupped over her mouth and whispering, “this is it!  this is it!” and nodding her head furiously?

Kinda like that.

Only less dramatic.

But I just knew.  I didn’t even have to keep looking.  Because I knew I’d just be looking for something like it anyway.

I loved that it was bold…but simple…clean lines…classic…and a little bit industrial.

The level headed part of my conscience said to get it in white.

Safe, matches with everything white.

But oh how I loooooved that jadite.

Normally, I’m a firm believer in keeping the “big” stuff in your house classic and neutral.

“Keep the crazy/trendy/specific to your accessories and paint.”

That’s my decorating motto.  Paint and vases are easy swaps.  Keep it that way.

But I reeeeaaaaalllly wanted that jadite.

Super out of character.

I took a risk.

And I was honestly nervous about it.

But I’m super happy I went against my safer judgement.

The lights add that finishing touch to the kitchen.

And they’d be lost a little in the space if they were just white don’t you think?

The lights also bring the room “down” a little…making it cozier and less cavernous and cold like before.

And yes, jadite is trendy right now, but um, it’s jadite…which is also super timeless.

And happy.  I like happy.

Besides, could it match my family rules canvas any better?!

Or, pretty much everything in my kitchen????  :)

I would like to add that if we ever move, these lights will be coming with me.

I’ll put something boring in for the next people.

Lo siento.

I love the contrast of the industrial feel of the stem mount versus the finished look of the porcelain coating.

Did you know that this is technically an outdoor light?


The cool thing (I think) is that I can take these down if ever I feel the need and then re-use them outside under a porch or patio area.

And jadite will always look great outside!

A really awesome effect of the pendant lighting is that it…well…creates MUCH better lighting!

Now that the light is directed downward, it really illuminates our counter area a lot more.

In fact, we now rarely turn on the other lights in the kitchen, relying almost solely on the light from the pendants.

Two points for energy conservation!

Do you think I was crazy picking a colored pendant like that?  Would you have ever taken the risk and gotten jadite or would you have gone with the white?


{Disclosure: Barn Light Electric provided the lights in exchange for review purposes.  My opinions are my own, and you know I’d tell you the truth anyway.  But for the record, we’re BFF’s now.  They just don’t know it yet.}



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  1. 1

    They are perfect!
    I love love love that dash of color, just like I love it in those cabinets surrounding your window above the sink!
    Great work!
    Steph´s last blog post ..Im Like a Superhero A Bitter- Bitter Superhero

  2. 2
    Carrie R. says:

    I love it! I think your kitchen looks so great. Very cozy. I’m not sure if I would taken the risk or not. I would have debated it a whole lot and there’s a chance I might have gone with it. Score for you!

    • 3

      I was soooo nervous. When the box came I couldn’t get it open fast enough. I had this weird combination of excitment and nausea…did I make the right choice? Should I have gone safe? But I’m so so so glad I didn’t. Because I think it really ties it all together and gives it more character. :)

  3. 4

    I love that you were brave and took the risk! Isn’t it funny how home decor can stress us out so much, about making the right choice?! Like its life and death ;) I can totally relate, home decor choices paralyze me into doing nothing, or going with a “safe, practical” choice. Way to go, its beautiful!!
    Mari´s last blog post ..Its a Love Story- Chapter 4 His Side- by Him

  4. 5

    Lovee love love it! You’ve inspired me to do a little rearranging in my kitchen. That still isn’t finished. 3 years later.

  5. 6

    I LOVE the lights! So glad you chose to go with color. It is subtle enough that it blends so well with your kitchen remodel.

  6. 7

    Oh you definitely chose the right ones. I would have picked those too! LOVE them and have been eyeing them actually ever since you tweeted about them. Your kitchen is beautiful!!!!
    Brianna´s last blog post ..Unplanned giveaway!!!

  7. 8

    these are amazing … LOVE. thank you for saying yes to the dress, errr, the light.
    danielle´s last blog post ..embrace the camera- mothers day style

  8. 9

    yes, i like the jadite lites!. I know what you mean. I chose a blue kinda color for kitchen lights once. It was like i loved them and had to have them. Your kitchen looks great.

  9. 10

    Love them!!! They totally compliment your style!!! Your kitchen looks great!
    Mel @ The Larson Lingo´s last blog post ..10 on 10 – May 2011

  10. 11

    I love the lights, and am super jealous of your entire kitchen!
    Heather G.´s last blog post ..What SHE Wore Wednesday

  11. 12

    I would have gone with the color! Yah! “Go big or go home!”

  12. 13

    i would’ve picked the exact same ones. lovely!!!
    heather´s last blog post ..Bits and Pieces

  13. 14

    LOVE. What more is there to say?

  14. 15

    I think they look beautiful. Good job.

  15. 16

    They are PERFECT and you absolutely made the right decision!! Love them :)
    Shirley L´s last blog post ..Reusable Goodness!

  16. 17

    Your Kitchen is amazing!!! Love those Lights! They are PERFECT!

  17. 18

    what a beautiful kitchen! i love it.

  18. 19
    Kathleen says:

    Love the Jadeite….adds a nice punch of color to your kitchen. I’m getting ready to paint my oak cabinets white as well……Love how bright and cozy your kitchen looks!

  19. 20

    We’re considering using those same lights to replace two ceiling fans (with lights) in our kitchen, but I’m unsure if the lite will diffuse enough to illuminate the kitchen, or if it will be directed only below the shade (and thus leave us with not enough light in the kitchen). What are your thoughts? Love your design sense!