Wide Open Spaces

There was once a girl from the ‘burbs of Los Angeles.

Miles and miles of concrete, asphalt and shopping malls.

And then she went off to college…only 200 miles away…but millions of lifestyle galaxies away.

When she got to the school with a heavy emphasis on Agriculture education, she was shocked.

People wear cowboy hats…like, for real???

She honestly thought they were just worn for Halloween costumes.

She had never heard of 4H.

It was a crazy change of scenery.

Perspective.  Pace.

But she loves where she calls home now.

In a standard OC-esque ‘burb…on a cul-de-sac even!

Walking distance to Target, WalMart, Home Depot and Starbucks.

But less than 10 miles from her front door, she gets this too:

Wide.  Open.  Spaces.

Painted the most luxurious hues of green right after the rain.

The Greatest Artist of all time, with His work on display at the biggest gallery.

And this City Girl who had dreams of moving to Hollywood and going into the Film Industry once up a time, called her husband while running suburbany errands yesterday:

“Hey, mind if I stay out for a little longer?  I have my camera in the back and I’d like to play with it a bit.”

With the windows rolled down, the sunroof opened wide, and the radio playing loud, she drove around the bend to bask in God’s glory.

In flip flops.

Because this City Girl doesn’t plug her brain in sometimes.

And standing with Old Navy flippies firmly entrenched in fresh mud, she snapped away.

Her pedicure getting ruined.

And made tentative friends with Fred here.  Who eyed her down menacingly.

The yoga pants and flip flops giving away that she wasn’t really from these Parts.

And the babies who got up and wandered over to take a gander.

This guy who obviously seizes every single day of  the year.  All 365 of them.

The Dead Poets Society Steer.

Musing that nothing could make this tree better than a tire swing and a good book.

Secretly wishing she lived in this house.

In a romantic, country way.

Not a realistic, the roof is caving in kind of way.

If she were a girl of 15, with no responsibilities and three littles ready to wake from naps back home, she would probably follow that track just to see where it goes.

Zooming and focusing and trying to stand steady.

Glad no one was around to see her amateur photog skills.

And feeling mighty lucky that she gets to live here…and run by Target on her way home.



Sweet Shot Day

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  1. 1

    I need to get to work, but wanted to say I love these pics and the story behind it, esp. the Target pitch. Can’t believe I didn’t get there on Saturday, but we have two within two miles here. Have a good day, Jeannett. hugs
    Robbin´s last blog post ..Treasured Tokens Thursday

  2. 2

    so fun to be within WALKING distance to target!! where’d you say you lived? heaven??
    and so close to wide open spaces. i know just how you feel. knoxville isn’t exactly big city by any means… but even so, it’s nice to get up and go and be “gone” in a matter of minutes.
    i love that you ruined the pedi for a photo op with a cow. the one who rocks it 356 days a year. not sure what he does with his other 9 days of the year… but with a stare like that i’d say anything he dad-gum well pleases!
    love the yellow wild flowers. thanks for the virtual tour of your area.
    i’m thinking a photo journal of a trip to target would be cool, too! ;)
    purejoy´s last blog post ..how does my garden grow

    • 3

      i do live within walking distance of target. but i’ll let you guess how many times i’ve actually WALKED there. (hint: the answer resembles a giant donut)
      jeannett´s last blog post ..Wide Open Spaces

  3. 4

    i love this. all of it. it reminds me of home. of my grandparents farm where there are cows and horses and border collies in the front yard. where the smell of cow manure and chicken houses isn’t actually a bad smell because your so used to it that it just smells normal. like home.

  4. 5
    Carrie R. says:

    Don’t bash your photog skills, the pics are beautiful. That tree is awesome. I love trees like that. And it sounds like you live in the perfect place. I have lots of scenes from your pictures around me, but the closest Target is a good 20 to 30 minutes away. Sigh….

  5. 6

    LOVE this post!!! Took me away from the city for a while. Nice!

  6. 7

    Awesome!!! Love all of the wide open space. We rarely see that around here.
    Julie {Angry Julie Monday}´s last blog post ..Project 365- Week 12

  7. 8

    It looks glorious…we are only just starting to get days like that here….spring has arrived.
    I simply adore your photo of the cows lined up…it is seriously fantastic….The ruined pedicure was worth it for that photo along :)
    Emma xxx

  8. 9

    Yes, Target, which now has a producensection! (But is it organic?) Great photojournalism! Beautiful!

  9. 10

    Love, love , love the pics. So jealous…I still see snow when I look out my window.
    Cary´s last blog post ..Normal

  10. 11

    Me too! I love our wide open spaces. And those cows are just too cute for words!

  11. 12

    Great. Now I have that Dixie Chicks song in my head. Thanks. At least the cows were cute. :-)

  12. 13

    You so lie, these pics are great…never would have guessed you didn’t ‘know’ what you were doing editing pics. Love that you captured this moment of God’s beautiful Wide Open Spaces! XO
    Jenni Carlisle´s last blog post ..15 fill ins

  13. 14

    Wow – gorgeous shots! And ohhhh, wouldn’t that be perfect for my busily active grandchildren and me – we could have such fun playing tag in those wide spaces – hiding behind the cows. Then again, I think it might wear out this Sandwich Generation granny nanny! What a fun visit for Sweet Shot Tuesday. Thank you!
    Kaye Swain – SandwichINK for grandparents & caregivers´s last blog post ..Great Fun for the Sandwich Generation! You Are Invited to the Ultimate Blog Party 2011

  14. 15

    This makes me miss home. I’m within walking distance of the ocean here, but it’s nothing like those wide open fields.
    Nika´s last blog post ..Childhood