Vintage Jackpot

I first started going to yard sales when Andy and I were first married.

You see, we were both college students…college students who had always lived in furnished student housing.

And although we were still students,  one bedroom apartments were of the traditional unfurnished type.

Literally, all we had between the two of us in the way of furniture was a desk.

One, lonely particle board desk.

Sure, we got a TON of wedding gifts.  (a ton.  I had to go back and refill our registry…TWICE.)

We had pots pans and anything else you can think of.

Just nothing to set it all on.

And this is when I learned that people get rid of some good stuff!

(And lots of other people get rid of junk too.  It’s a gamble.)

Through the years, I’ve figured out that the best bang for my buck can come from Estate Sales.

Even though they do give me the creeps sometimes.

While I wouldn’t consider myself “into” vintage…I do love classic, timeless pieces.

And there’s just something really classic about glassware that came from the 50′s.

Plus, I’m kind of a kitchen supplies junkie.  It’s a sickness.

Last weekend, I texted Andy “Vintage Jackpot.  These dudes have NO idea what they have.”

Two really weird middle aged guys.

Old, ratty sweats.

Hair unkempt.

Sorta goofy and…well…weird.

Clearly selling off mom and dad’s old stuff.

They didn’t have bags.


Or even CASH to make change.

They were a disaster.

But a lucky find for me!

Wanna see what I scored?

Thought so.  :)

Milkglass urns.  8 of them.  For 50 cents each. Um, yes please!

WHY do I need 8 milkglass urns?  For 50 cents I’ll find a need!

Actually, these scream party table decor to me.  Don’t you think?

As an aside, I have no idea if these are “authentic” or valuable or “real” milkglass.

I just know that I like them.  And they were 50 cents.

Like I said: I’m not into vintage.  I just know what I like.

A random sampling of mason jars.  I don’t know that I necessarily NEED more mason jars..but again…they were 50 cents.

For the entire BOX.

(Actually, I do use mason jars all the time…and I like to cut flowers from the yard and give them to friends…now I won’t feel so bad giving away my beloved jars.)

A pretty aqua mason jar, three lidded glass container doohickys, and three pretty little saucers that I’ll use for dipping oil/balsalmic vinegar.

I LOVE using those hinge lid canisters in my pantry for dry goods like flour and cornstarch.  Makes it look all organized and pretty.

Four empty glassless, backless frames.

WHY would I want random frames, you ask?

I have visions of bright funky spraypaint, a piece of chalkboard painted wood…and voila!…and fun little chalkboard for the kids’ playroom.

OR, I’m love love loving the way April used empty frames to display fun snapshots.  (By the way, you should really go check out April’s master bedroom re-do.  So cute!)

And finally, a couple of great kids books and 5 lens filters for my camera.

Wanna guess what I spent?

8 milkglass urns, a box of assorted mason jars, 3 glass canisters, 1 aqua jar, 3 saucers, 4 frames, 2 books, and 5 filters?


Like I said…the dudes had NO IDEA what they were doing.

Do you go thrifting?  What’s been your best yard sale find?

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  1. 1

    I am loving all your finds! Good job girl!
    And my favorite find of all time was an olvetti typewriter for 10$. Totally jumped when I saw it!
    No. 17 Cherry Tree Lane´s last blog post ..bits and bobs journaling the daily life

    • 2

      I actually thought of you the entire time I was there! They had SO MUCH cool stuff…cheapy cheap cheap. Like a MINT condition vintage polaroid video camera…in the leather carrying case with the manual…$10. They had funky punch bowls and decor…for like $1. I kept thinking “Rachel would buy this place out and then sell half of it in her shop!” :)

  2. 3

    Just Me and My Dad is one of our favorite books!
    Vanessa @ He Gives Hope´s last blog post ..The C Word- Part 1

  3. 4

    YES! Love it! Really missing estate and yard sales about now…not many happening this time of year in my neck of the woods.

  4. 5

    you scored the mother load!! wow!
    i don’t take a huge amount of time to look. i really could use an eye, actually, and i’ve not found one of those yet at a yard sale.

    but with two kids setting up their own diggs… it comes in handy to look. too bad bamagirl’s taste runs more william sonoma/pottery barn to ahem… reality. oh well, she’ll learn.

    i have a friend/acquaintance that does estate sales. she goes in, cleans out, rearranges/stages and sells. she has the treasure trove of all things wonderful.
    i would love to merge forces with her, but alas, she’s not taking on partners, and doesn’t have an extra eye.
    purejoy´s last blog post ..blogjacked!

  5. 6

    i LOVE thrifting. we have furnished most of our house from goodwill, thrift stores and the like. here’s a link to my favorite junk find so far! the link has the before and after!
    Meredith´s last blog post ..What she said

  6. 7

    wow…beautiful milkglass! i need to come with you next time you go out…i wouldn’t know where to start…but would love to deck out my home with all these cool things!! ;-)

  7. 8

    Duuuude. You totally scored!

    I’m with you. Those milk glass urns would make great party decor. The Nester could probably work them into house decor, too. And the frames . . . hmmm . . . the possibilities!
    Ruthanne´s last blog post is in the air

  8. 9

    ok, i am so clueless at this stuff. please tell me where to go?????? i love all your goodies!!!
    Krystina at lollipops´s last blog post ..what i love wednesday linky party No 3!!

  9. 10

    SO fun! (And one of your milk glass urns is exactly like the one I bought at a thrift store on Sunday!)

    I love estate sales, even though they give me the creeps also. I’ve found some good stuff thrifting and yard saling, but what stands out the most is the estate sale I went to several months ago, at which there was a basement full of…wait for it…clowns.

    Clown marionnettes, clown clocks, clown EVERYTHING. An entire BASEMENT of clowns. I was TERRIFIED. And did not spend much time down there!
    Brianna´s last blog post ..Seven

  10. 11

    ummm…how did I miss this post?! Oh ya, it was when my computer was shutting down everytime I tried to open your blog. Fixed now. Thanks for the shout-out. Your frames turned out so cute for the baby shower. Adorable…the whole theme. I really hope you are coming to QBM because I need some Jeannett time stat!


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