Blissdom 2011 ReCap

Blissdom. Was. Awesome.

Before I left, I was chagrined to tell people where I was going.

“A BLOGGING Conference???!!!  Really?!  I didn’t even know they had those!!!”  ::giggle::

That was always the response.

I might as well have been telling them I was going to a Star Wars Convention and dressing as Chewbacca all week.

For people who don’t blog…it’s weird.  I get it.

I started just saying “I’m going to Nashville with some girlfriends.”

I just didn’t want to get into it.

But for 5 days I was surrounded by AMAZING, talented, incredibly smart women who GOT IT.

Women who were as business savvy as Bill Gates…only even better because they are moms all at the same time.

Let’s see you try THAT Bill!

Women who not only didn’t think it was weird…but saw the value and importance of what we do.

Of how we encourage one another.

Of how we are taking this whole new medium of communication and making a difference.

“It’s like the wild west out here.  We are at the forefront of all of this.  We are the Pioneers, making the rules.”  (My favorite quote of the whole week.)

Only at a blogging conference will you find a row of women simultaneously tweeting from their phones…and not only was it okay…but it was expected.

Angry Julie, Alli Worthington, Arianne, and Catherine of Her Bad Mother (who I didn’t get much time to talk to, but I wanted to steal her away for a few hours!)

Kelly.  Who I LOVED.  Like, looooved.  So hip and cool and fun.  And….*nice*.  Some girls have all the luck.

Jess of Allora Handmade and Maggie a.k.a. Gussy.

April of Funky Vintage Kitchen and Marie of Make and Takes.

Lindsey and Jess striking a pose.  Work it girls!

Ruthanne.  Oh how I loved this girl!  That, and her camera can kick my camera’s butt.  Plus she brought me the most amazing melt in your mouth homebaked goodies I have ever tasted.

By the third day of the conference, about five people asked me: “You’re one of the craft bloggers, right?”  “Nope!  I just buy all their stuff!”

And while I love my crafty pants girls, I realized…I should probably branch out!  :)

Every night, our room was packed to the gills with girls.  Women piled on both beds…women cross legged on the floors…women leaning after a long day along the walls.

And it was AWESOME.

Even if I fell asleep and started snoring one of the nights.

Because I’m classy like that.

At one point, some of the girls were looking through the Awkward Pregnancy Photos post.  (Ruthanne cracks me up in these photos!)

I took VERY few photos.  Kinda pathetic really.  Being at a blogging conference and all.

Can I just say how surreal it was to have Edie give me a great big hug and call me by name with the most genuine, warm smile?

SHE knows little ol’ me???  :)

And can I just laugh at the fact that it took flying to NASHVILLE…2,000 miles away…to actually spend some time with my sweet friend Lisa…who lives 30 miles away?

Now, I know I’ll inevitably forget someone, but a special shout out to:

My Roommates:

Lindsey, Mique, Jess, and April.

The Party Plane Crew:

Lindsey, Mique, Julie, Kelly, and April.

New Friends that I am sooooo excited to have met:

Ellen, Kristen, Heather, Nester, Melissa, Meagan, Kami, and all the other people I know I’m totally forgetting!

If you went to a blogging conference (or have been) which blogger would you be most excited to meet in real life?

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I'm a mom to four. A wife to one. I believe in story. I love telling you about mine and would love to hear yours. There's really no sense in wasting our suffering and not sharing in each other's joy. We're all in this together...even if it doesn't always feel like it.


  1. 1

    well….i already met YOU, so Im not sure who else i would want to meet :):)
    No. 17 Cherry Tree Lane´s last blog post ..have you been praying

  2. 3

    LOLOLOL — awkward photos? sooooo awkward yet sooooo funny. one of the best times at Blissdom was that evening. you are so great, jeannett :) loved meeting you. and i’m stealing some of your photos for my blog post (don’t worry, i’ll give you credit). (that’s how i roll.)

    Lindsey, Jess & Ruthanne are all cracking up in that 4-up collage. me? i’m scurred of the pepperoni.

    hoping to see you in may for QBM?

  3. 5

    Ok. Seriously. How wide does my butt look sitting on that bed?! I die.

  4. 6

    oh, i know i said take tons of notes. tell me everything. but i wasn’t betting on turning absolutely the most deep shade of green. i live two point five hours away from nashville. i could have practically walked there.
    but the hubs thinks star war conventions are ridiculous and walking around like chewbacca for a weekend… completely out of the question.
    but i’m super excited you had a great time. seriously. i am. {sorta}
    purejoy´s last blog post ..bonjour- le slacker!

  5. 7

    Looks like fun! There are so many I would love to meet! I’ve met some fab girls last year at Phx BloggyBootCamp. =) I’m hoping one year I can make it to Blissdom!
    Julie @ CalleLillyCafe´s last blog post ..Deb Thompson Photography Giveaway

  6. 8

    What an amazing group of women! You all inspire me to do more with my blog, my writing, and my purpose. Blissdom, what a powerful word!
    Shelly´s last blog post ..Moments in Time

  7. 9

    it sounds like it was so much fun!!! would’ve loved to go, but i think i’m going to one in chicago in august. it will probably be smaller and i’m afraid that no one will know me… is that weird?? like everyone will recognize everyone else, except me.

    anyway, maybe blissdom next year!!!
    julia´s last blog post ..Top Ten Tuesday- Causes

  8. 10

    Oh so awesome! Lucky I caught you for a few brief moments when I did. Looks like you guys had a blast tucked away in your own corner. Love it.

  9. 11

    Love the awkward pregnancy photos shots! I don’t know what I was pointing at, but I’m sure it was was awful. And Lindsey covering it up as she reads is priceless!
    Emily @ The Pilot’s Wife´s last blog post ..Project Life January 23-29

  10. 12

    Oh my gosh…looks like SO much fun! I am thinking I would want to meet ALL of you in these pics! :)
    Jaime´s last blog post ..Happy Mail!

  11. 13

    Such good times!! It was pretty obvious that you ladies were in absolute heaven. So glad that I was able to join in from time-to-time as your energy was quite infectious!

  12. 14

    Hey! I wish I’d been at that hotel room party–looks like it was fab. :)

    It was so nice talking to you and getting to know you–I hope we’ll see each other at another event SOON and look forward to getting to know you even better via your blog. :)

  13. 15

    ohmigosh… just came back from the pregnancy shots. yowsa.
    i met lindsey and ruthanne… what dolls-and met kelly on line to get a picture w mat (we’re on a first name basis). looks like you had a blast.
    the fun thing for me was meeting people-like kelly-who i’d never met even online.
    patty´s last blog post ..February Resolutions

  14. 16

    This is my first time to your place. (Here from Gussy and that picture!) I would love to meet…there are way too many to name. I’ve enjoyed seeing the pictures, reading the stories and “meeting” some new bloggers through all the Blissdom posts. Thanks for sharing. Now I’m off to click the link and see what was so funny.
    Southern Gal´s last blog post ..P52 and other things

  15. 17

    Of course I’m the one with the crazy face!! So fun to meet you and find your blog!

  16. 18

    Great photos and Blissdom recap, I was horrible about taking pics but I had an excuse, I really do not know how to use my camera! WONDERFUL to meet you and hang out with all these amazing ladies!!!
    melissa @ the inspired room´s last blog post ..The Paint Incident Good and bad news

  17. 19

    So glad that you had such a wonderful experience! Blissdom is my favorite! I was so happy to get to meet Karen Walrond (Chookooloonks). I was hoping to meet Maile Wilson (Ephiphanie Bags creator) but our paths did not cross. Maybe next time! :-)
    Malia @ One2One Network´s last blog post ..Power Rangers- Samurai debuts tonight on Nickelodeon!

  18. 20

    I’m a total loser and forgot to comment. I had your post bookmarked in my reader, I promise!

    I’m still playing catch up!

    It was so awesome to meet you and hang on the party plane, etc. etc. etc.

    SoCal Gals Rock!!!
    Julie {Angry Julie Monday}´s last blog post ..Project 365- Week 7


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