The Great $1 Push & A Silhouette GIVEAWAY!!! *CLOSED*


You need to sit down.

This is BIG.

First, I want to tell you about the:

These are the final weeks of Cliffy’s fundraiser.

As of the publishing of this post, we’ve raised over $7,000.00!!!! EEK!!!

(If you are new here, Cliff is an orphan in Eastern Europe with Down Syndrome.  We want to help him find a home.  Read more HERE.)

I want to prove, now more than ever, that EVERY LITTLE TINY BIT HELPS.

I want to show you that my little, plus your little can add up to one great BIG.

I want you to see how God is in the little things.

I want you to join in and not be overwhelmed at the thought of giving.

I want you to understand that you don’t have to be a millionaire to make a difference.  You just have to do what you can.

The GREAT $1 PUSH is just that.

Go.  Now.  Give ONE DOLLAR.

Haven’t given yet, and with the holidays, it’s tight?


Did you already give?


Just one.

I want to see hundreds upon hundreds of $1 donations.

Just one.  At a time.

Uno.  Um.  Eins.  Yi.  Een.

ONE dollar.

The Chipin uses Paypal.  You know you have an account.  Everyone has an account.  How else would you shop etsy???!!!  ;)

ONE.  Dollar.  I promise you won’t even notice it’s gone.  Pinky swear it.

But there’s a second half to that blog title, isn’t there?  You guys are smart.  Memories like an elephant I tell you!  (Who figured that out?!)

Because I’m also giving away a:

Silhouette Die Cutting Machine!!!!!!

I know, right?!  SO. MUCH. FUN.

What’s a Silhouette?

Girl.  Where have you BEEN?!

A Silhouette is the die cutting machine of all die cutting machines.

You all know I have a Cricut Expression.  Which, I do love.  But you want to know what I don’t love about it?

The cartridges.  Not only are they expensive, but seriously, do I really need a $60 cartridge of owls?

No.  Just one owl would be perfect.

And this is where the Silhouette kicks the Cricut’s bootay:

It hooks up to your computer.  HUGE.  Huge.

Any font you have downloaded.  Any image.  ANYTHING.

No cartridges.  No huge costs down the road.  No bin of accessories to haul around.  Just plug and play.  Literally.

Coolest thing ever? They have a image store online.  Think iTunes for your die cut machine.

Want one owl?  Buy one.  For $0.99.  Not 30 owls for $60.

But Jeannett, I don’t scrapbook…what else can it do?

Girl.  We need to get you out more.

Cupcake liners so cute you could die.  Martha’s got nuthin’ on you.

Custom temporary tattoos for your kids.  My first batch will say things like “Mom is amazing.”  “Clean your room.”  “Don’t leave your toys on the floor.”  Subtle brainwashing.  I’m certain it will work.  Even if they can’t read yet.  Details.

Cards so fabulous your friends will feel bad throwing them away and then be totally intimidated to ever give you a card again.  It’s hard to be so awesome.  It’s okay to not tell them you have a magical robot that really did all the work.  Notice the flower pattern on the yellow paper?  You can swap out the cutting blade for a marker…and it will DRAW for you instead.  It’s a multi tasker!  (I bet it’s a mom.)

Vinyl wall art.  Make signs for every room.  You’ll never hear “But MOOOOM!  I didn’t know!!!”  Lies kid.  It’s on the stinkin’ wall.

SHIRTS!  Hats!  Shoes!  Pants!  Custom undies!  Anything you can think of folks!!!

I don’t think it empties the dishwasher, but I’ve put in a request for the next model.  We’ll keep our fingers crossed.

And of course, scrapbook pages.  Gone are the days of running to the craft store mid layout for a butterfly die cut only to somehow spend $30.

The fabulousness kinda hurts my brain.   And my list of projects looks like a ticker tape in my head.  Crafty pants, prepare to be worn.

Now that you are totally salivating (don’t lie), I have one last thing ULTRA AMAZING thing to tell you:

You can get a FANTASTIC deal on a Silhouette of your own!!! The machine alone retails for $299.  But you can get a Silhouette Machine with a monthly subscription commitment for only $175!!!! Use the code LIFE for this amazing deal now through January 1st.

If you want to try your hand at winning a Silhouette for free fifty free, here’s how to enter:

1.  Visit the Silhouette website.  Browse around.  Break out in a sweat at all the craftasticness you can dream up.  Then come back here and leave a comment on THIS POST telling me what you’d use your Silhouette for the most.

2.  Tweet, blog, facebook about this giveaway.  Leave a separate comment for each of these with the links to your tweet/post/status update.  Here, I’ll even make it easy for you:  What’s The Great $1 Push? Check it out here & enter to win a SILHOUETTE die cutting machine too!!! @jeannettg

Giveaway winner will be announced on Saturday, January 1.  Promo code for a dirt cheap Silhouette of your own good through January 1.

*Giving to Cliff’s fundraiser does not increase your chances of winning and does not give you extra entries to win.  But it will give you the warm fuzzies and an extra spring in your step.  True story.

Here’s the giving widget to make it easy.  A buck.  Join the fun.  Don’t be left out.  Be a part of something BIG today.

Disclosure: Silhouette provided me with my own die cutting machine for review purposes.  My opinions are my own and I’d totally tell you if I didn’t like it.  Seriously. I love my Cricut, but the Silhouette fills in the gaps that I bemoaned before.  It’s a pretty fab little doohicky.  You totally need one.

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  1. 201

    I would use it for viyl lettering on everything! I didn’t know what it was either util i read this post. Now I can’t wait to get one, but that will be forever and a day from now. Thanks for the very geerous giveaway.

  2. 202

    Wow. I can only think of a million ways I could use this. Though my kids would like to make and use the tattoos constantly, I would use it most for the scrapbooks. Ooh, imagine the possibilities…

  3. 203

    I want to make a bazillion vinyl words and cover every inch of my walls in super cute sayings!!!

  4. 204

    Holy cow!! I had no idea these machines existed!! I want to make shirts for my academic team, for my boys, vinyl expressions for my walls!!, for my car windows!!, for my Sunday school room!!

  5. 205

    This post was mentioned on Facebook by Liz!/

  6. 206

    I’d love a chance to win the silhouette. It is the neatest machine. I actually think besides cutting out letters and images for paper crafts I would love to be able to make tatoos. My son loves them and my students at school love to get the chance to purchase them for school spirit. I think it would be neat to actually get to make them instead of purchasing them.

  7. 207

    I would mostly use the Silhouette for card making!!! but definitely want to try out the vinyl and rhinestones, too!
    Julie Anne´s last blog post ..Getting my craft on!

  8. 208

    tweeted here…
    Julie Anne´s last blog post ..Getting my craft on!

  9. 209

    donated $2 good luck!

  10. 210

    I have always wondered what these were for, since everyone loves them so much! I would LOVE to make my own vinal wall cut-outs. I see them in stores and online but to be able to create my own just the right size with the right message….oh swoon!
    Brittany´s last blog post ..I should have stayed in bed

  11. 211

    WOW!!! We just adopted a black lab in addition to my 3 cats, 3 busy boys,, I could ROCK some photos with the Silhouette….
    Sooo FUN!!!
    Donating to Cliff NOW>>>>>>>

  12. 212

    Donated $20 to Cliff’s Cause from my Ozzy

    who was adopted when he REALLY needed a home

    May Cliff find THAT kind of LOVE!!!!!
    Shauna Lobre´s last blog post ..Christmas Card CHAOS

  13. 213

    Dude – I would have never dreamed of owning something so nice. The owl cartridge sounds divine. I donated!

  14. 214

    i love the idea of making temporary tattoos. i wonder if it would work to take my poppy logo and put it on a shirt. you know, for my employees to wear to work ;)
    lindsey – the pleated poppy´s last blog post ..say hello…

  15. 215

    i also tweeted
    lindsey – the pleated poppy´s last blog post ..say hello…

  16. 216

    I would love it to make vinyl wall art
    Stephanie C.´s last blog post ..Wordless Wednesday

  17. 217
    Krystle Brown says:

    OMG! OMG! Please pick me! I have been wanting this machine so badly! I will use it for scrap-booking, card making, cupcake liners and so much more!

  18. 218
    allison omanson says:

    I would love one of these! I would start off with makeing some really cute clothes!

  19. 219
    Krystle Brown says:

    I tweeted about your giveaway!

  20. 220
    Krystle Brown says:

    i posted on Facebook also! Please pick me, please, please, please!

  21. 221

    I’ve been wanting to try my hand a glass etching. I would use the silhouette to make that little crafty dream come true! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!
    Piper´s last blog post ..New Year’s Starbucks GIVEAWAY!!

  22. 222
    Goss Family says:

    Love the fact that machine is Mac compatible!! Would use it most to make vinyl decals.

  23. 223
    Goss Family says:

    I posted on Facebook!!

  24. 224

    I am entering this for my wife. She has been eyeing up this machine for a long time but refuses to let me buy it for her. Maybe if I win it for her she will accept it as a gift. I know she wants to start scrapbooking again in her free time and I know this machine would be the motivation she needs to start again.

  25. 225

    I would first and most like to make vinyl signs like the “PLAY” sign with the bike for my little guys new play room.

  26. 226

    Facebooked about this great giveaway and worthy cause!!/profile.php?id=1225127444
    Tracey´s last blog post ..A Silhouette Giveaway at Little Miss Momma

  27. 227
  28. 228

    Hi Jeannett. You have made so many cool things with yours. I just love the scrapbook page above.

    I’d love to get this and make cutouts for vintage style signs for my walls. Of course would love to use it for card making and more too.

    Happy New Year…Tracy :)

  29. 229

    Wow! What a Treasure that is! I paint pottery and would use this every day to create super cool pieces. Oh my, where do I begin? The poor machine would be working overtime with all of the ideas that are swimming in my head. Why have I not thought of this before?????

  30. 230

    I love silhouettes shapes! And I can’t wait to try their heat transfer material and vinyl~!

  31. 231

    I am dying to make some awesome vinyl stuff for my wall with this beauty!
    Tasia´s last blog post ..2010 Candids

  32. 232

    I tweeted about the giveaway here:!/tayIRL/status/21293482203156480
    Tasia´s last blog post ..2010 Candids

  33. 233

    I posted about it on facebook here:
    Tasia´s last blog post ..2010 Candids

  34. 234

    I blogged about this giveaway here:
    Tasia´s last blog post ..2010 Candids


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