{Kelle Hampton} this is it

Remember how I told you that over the next month, I'd be hosting fabulous guest bloggers in support of our fundraiser for Baby Cliff? A natural choice was Kelle Hampton.  Otherwise known as Lainey … [Read more...]

Happy Turkey Day!

"Hey babe...you need to go buy a bunch of turkeys today." "Um....we're not hosting Thanksgiving this year?" "I know, but this article in the paper says that the local food bank has only gotten … [Read more...]

Make Christmas Count for Cliff

***If you are reading this after the fact, please scroll through the Cliff category and read about how this fundraiser progressed.  Our final fundraising tally was a whopping $9,458.00 and a family is … [Read more...]

Post Happy

A few weeks ago, the ever lovely Lisa Jo contacted me asking if I would be willing to help spread the word about a Christmas Card program (in)courage and Dayspring are working on. Um...of … [Read more...]

Be Jealous.

Our "mall" has one of those fancy schmancy upscale expensive children's boutiques. Said boutique happens to have a train table set up. Although Henry has his very own train table AT HOME...he … [Read more...]

Missing the Forest for the Trees?

Something funny happened yesterday. Yesterday was miserable. I spent the day fighting yet another migraine.  Jill was acting weird, so I was on the phone with her medical team asking lots of … [Read more...]

Happy Wednesday!

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High Maintenance

It's not my fault. Andy did it to me. He spoils me. More than I realize sometimes. I didn't used to be this way. This morning, I stumbled downstairs for my daily cup of joe. To find … [Read more...]