Mystery Solved!

Drum roll please…

Henry has Roseola!!!!

He’s been running a fever off and on for the last week, been extremely irritable, cranky, lack of appetite…thought it was teething, but no swollen gums?…until he broke out in a rash today of hundreds of little pink dots all over his belly and back. (I’d take a picture, but he’s in bed now). My first thought was chicken pox…then my mind went to measles…and when trusty Lynette came by, she said “oh, that looks like roseola!” Andy did a google search and sure enough, a textbook case! The good news is that the cranky fever part is over now and that I now what the deal has been the last week.

What on earth would I do without Lynette? Man, she’s a lifesaver! THANK YOU (again)!!!

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  1. 1

    so it stinks that he’s got roseola, but don’t you at least feel a little bit better that something was actually wrong with him and he wasn’t being cranky just because? that sounds terrible, i know. what’s the expected time until he clears up?

  2. 2

    oh jeannett i’m so sorry! anna had roseola when she was about henry’s age. it was AWFUL. so glad you know what’s going on! hoping he gets well SOON!!!!

  3. 3

    I am TOTALLY relieved that I know what it is! It was driving me bonkers to not know why on earth he was running a random fever for days and so cranky and irritable. He’s been such a good baby, that I’m really not equipped for that “colic” type behavior! The good news is that now that the rash has broken out, it’s pretty much over. He’s still contagious for 1-2 days from when the rash broke out, but all other symptoms go away when the rash breaks out.

  4. 4

    fell better fast henry, we’ll be praying for you

  5. 5

    poor little henry! glad he’s almost over it. how frustrating to have a fever off and on. we should have known that henry would have a good reason to be cranky–he’s just not normally that way.