Grandma Alert: Word Count

* Daddy!!! (always at a high pitch and always yelling)*Mom (not mommy, not mama,*Tuck (truck)*Si (Outside)*Yeah (has replaced yesh)*Phone! (said anytime a phone rings)*Bee … [Read more...]

At least it wasn’t a stilleto…

We found mommy's fuzzy (ugly) slippers. Apparently, we were able to discern that they were intended for our feet rather than in the toy box with the other 500 stuffed bears...we spent a good part of … [Read more...]

Mystery Solved!

Drum roll please...Henry has Roseola!!!!He's been running a fever off and on for the last week, been extremely irritable, cranky, lack of appetite...thought it was teething, but no swollen … [Read more...]

Long Day

I'm not feeling very good today. My mommy thinks it's teething.I haven't eaten much of anything... And I have no energy. My mommy tells me she is sad for me. I have spent most of my day crying and … [Read more...]


"Hi, I'm calling because there's a package on my doorstep, but it's not mine. It's the right address, but there's no one here by this name and we didn't order anything from you guys. It's addressed to … [Read more...]

Self Worth & a 10 year HS Reunion

It's almost here. Only 5 weeks away. Our ten year high school reunion. Remember, Andy and I went to the same high school, so it's for both of us. Are we going? Not sure. It's expensive, and while I … [Read more...]


For the last couple of years, I've been suggesting to Andy that we sell the sea-doo and get a boat instead. As much fun as the sea-doo is, it's just not that practical, and once you tire of racing … [Read more...]

I *heart* Craig

I don't know who Craig is. But I am in LOVE with his list.Craigslist, anyone?A little story:Once upon a time there was a girl...let's call her Jeannett. Who was just telling her husband the other day … [Read more...]