Mother’s Day Weekend

Henry made this for me at daycare. I laugh out loud EVERY time I go into the kitchen. I just cannot get over the *stupid* look on his face..mouth half open...son, close your mouth...flies will go … [Read more...]

Our Morning

...started out groggy, then was funny and light...and then ended in blood and guts. Okay, not guts, but plenty of blood nonetheless. Henry woke up really early for some reason (read: 5:15). He … [Read more...]


One of the new home developments in Orcutt was selling all of the furnishings in one of their model homes on Saturday. It started at 10 a.m. and I thought about going at 9 and standing in line...but I … [Read more...]

Tutorial: How to Keep Mommy on Her Toes

Step 1: Go outside using the doggy door whenever you feel like it.Step 2: Minutes later, go upstairs. Pay close attention to when parents forget to close those pesky baby gates. Step 3: Charm them … [Read more...]