Where my heart is lately…

(Warning, this is kind of long, sorry): Lots of people end up with "causes"...you know, those specific issues that are near and dear to your heart and that you just wish you could wave a magic wand … [Read more...]

Lab Results

Had Henry's doctor appointment yesterday. Dr. Bravo was very impressed and suprised to see how much Henry eats and the quality and variety. He said that he had intended on sending me to see a … [Read more...]

Five Things

What I was doing 10 years ago today:--I was 17, in my senior year of HS, and probably ditching some (or all) of my classes for the day--Working as an assistant manager at Blockbuster Video--Dating … [Read more...]

Daycare Woes

Christine is wonderful. She loves Henry and Henry loves her. It has been a great fit and I'm so happy that it finally all worked out.Unfortunately, she called this weekend to let me know that her … [Read more...]

Laying Sod…Sucks. A lot.

We spent our Memorial Day weekend...Roto tilling the dirt...Spreading 4 cubic yards of top soil...er, I mean manure...Laying edging (Ben LOVED this job! HA!)...Laying chicken wire (to deter gophers … [Read more...]

SO Excited!

This whole growth thing with Henry has been eating at me. I just can't quit thinking about it. Basically, my big concern is that if there IS something wrong (and he's not just little), and he has … [Read more...]

Little Boy

Henry has always been on the little side. Both in terms of height and weight. We've been waiting to see if he has some huge growth spurt, but always aware that he might just be little genetically. … [Read more...]

Hanging out in L.A.

Last weekend we drove down to So Cal to celebrate my cousin Alexis' first communion and cousin Nick's 16th birthday. We had a great time hanging out with family...even if it was like 100 degrees the … [Read more...]